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Published 11/12/2019
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year if someone would have missed out on this. But it’s also the season for parties! I don’t know if that is the reason it’s the most wonderful time of the year? Am I on to something here?

December to me is event month. Which for me means that I’ll be going to a lot of different happenings every week, happenings with a lot of different constellations of people. Isn’t it kind of fun how you are supposed to party and have dinner with people during Christmas, people you barely even would have a quick cup of coffee with every other night of the year? I mean I don’t appose, I just think it’s random (and sometimes more fun than one was excepting though am I right??) how Christmas bring everyone together, even the ones you only share a stapler with.

This means that December is a month with a lot of sartorial pressure. You need party outfits. And a lot of them. But you also need them to be appropriate and the criteria are many. Many!!!!!

So, a couple of weeks ago I asked on Instagram what your biggest holiday party outfit crisis were and you gave us a lot to think about. So, here are our answers in images.

I give you: Hanging out at home, wanting to be cozy but festive.

This was a very common challenge. A quiet New Year’s eve at home but still sassy. This is a situation where you rely on your accessories. Take this rib knit merino wool set for example. It’s nothing extra (except the cut on the sweater which is kind of extra, don’t you just LOVE the square neckline?) per se, but with fun shoes, some good earrings and a tiny bag you got yourself an outfit. Att a really sharp blazer for dinner and you are set.

Rib wool tights, Arket
Rib wool sweater, Arket
Feather shoes, Prada
Bag, Jacquemus
Necklace, Anni Lu
Earrings, H&M

Or if you want to be more low-key

Meeting your significant others parents for the first time-kind of outfit crisis

This is a really though one! Or I remember thinking so when I first met my boyfriends parents. I don’t know if I am the right person to ask though since I apparently wore (I don’t remember this myself but my father-in-law does) two vintage men’s shirts with super long cuffs. I wore one backwards and the other one, on the correct side on top.With the cuffs just hanging there, super long. He still five years later, loves to tell this story to new people.

Safe to say I could have worn that red Giambattista Valli x H&M dress and made a better impression. But hey, if it would have gone to hell with my boyfriend, his dad would still remember me as the girl with the weird shirts. That does count for something.

Fanny’s Outfit
Leather dress, STAND Studio
Necklace, Blue Billie
Boots, H&M

Linn’s Outfit
Dress, H&M
Stockings, Calzedonia
Platform loafers, Gucci
Earrings, Jane Koenig

Not a one time thing-type of outfit


I bet you look at this dress and think to yourself: that does not look like a buy and wear forever-piece. But you know what, it kind of is! And not only because it’s a hell of a show stopper. And if you think about it, those stand-out pieces are the best ones to keep in your closet, since they save you on occasions where the solution really matters!!! Like compare to solving a Tuesday meeting at the office crisis with let’s say bumping into and ex at the club outfit crisis. Where is it more important to look like a 1000000 dollars? You get where I am going with this.

Dress, Rotate by Birger Christensen
Dot trousers, Stine Goya
Platform loafers, Gucci
Satin mules, Balenciaga


So the best part about a mini dress is how easy it is to transform into something else. Like a really cool top?

Just tuck it in to optional pants or skirt or shorts??? and you got yourself a statement top.

How is that for not a one time-thing?

From gym to party-express

How many times have one been in this situation? It would require me to go to the gym more often to say that, but I must say I have been challenged with this type of transfer before.

Brining two different outfit in one bag that isn’t a weekend bag is hard! But use your mind like this: what takes up the most space in a bag? Disclosure: it’s the trousers. So: if you are going to something low-intense make your tights work double shifts. If you are the sweaty kind (where do I sign for this??) bring an extra pair. Tights are the best. They are comfortable and take no space at all. You can fit them into your pocket. Kind of.

However, tights no need to be companied by a really festive top. May I suggest something voluminous?

Linns’ Outfit
Tights, H&M (coming soon)
Top, Cecilie Bahnsen
Mules, Balenciaga

Fanny’s Outfit
Tights, H&M (same as Linn what?)
Top, vintage
Slingbacks, vintage Prada

Christmas party at work

Work related sartorial questions are always so hard. Since I’ve never worked in an office where a transparent top and chunky Birkenstocks aren’t considered appropriate work attire.

But suits I’ve learned are always a good idea. So why not make it a bit less Working girl and a lot more Harry Styles? Go for a metallic suit with a fun shirt for the day, and toss the blazer when the drinks come out.

To dare is to succeed.

Suit, Paul & Joe
Leopard shirt, Ganni


but family appropriate

This is not a crisis of mine since I am a part of the annual Christmas decoration in my family.

However that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the dilemma. You want to be ready to move on to another party after the family situation is over, right? But still not make anyone burn their mouth on the glühwein.

The solution? A going-out top! The best thing the 00s gave us. Make it cool by wearing it with leather pants instead of denim like they did 2005.

Also, regarding shoes. If it’s over -5°C you can wear open shoes as long as you are not walking too far. Those are the rules.

Going out top, Zara
Leather pants, Arket
Mules, Stine Goya
Necklace, Anni Lu

We saved the best for last: still look damn good even though you are freezing your butt off

This was without a doubt your most common problem regarding fancy party outfits. How to not freeze your legs off but still show those legs. And I know the feeling so bad. I celebrated every New Year’s eve high up in the north of Sweden as a teenager and I struggled every year to be festive but festive without frostbites for so long. But if you think this have made me any better at you think wrong. But I can tell you so much.

With the right pair of shoes you will come far. Bring your Manolo’s in a dust bag and put them on once inside.

Make the most out of your accessories. And with that said: pimp your balaclava. It’s fun. It’s a conversation starter.

Layer up with fancy knits. Please. This one is so obvious. Lurex knits, fancy dazzled knits. The world of knits is your oyster.

Linn’s Outfit
Mini dress, & Other Stories
Boots, Moon Boots

Fanny’s Outfit
Cardigan, Ganni
Sequin skirt, Ganni
Heels, Manolo Blahnik

Earrings, similar here
Balaclava, vintage

Published 11/12/2019

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