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It’s the weekend and you are surfing, so let me hit you up with a some things to spend a few minutes on.

Published 31/08/2019
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La veste x Gropius Lamps

Mega influencer Blanca Miró’s brand La Veste just released their collaboration with Gropius Lamps. The result? Absolutely Pippi Longstocking worthy lamps. You know, if Pippi had a home to be featured in Architectural Digest that is.

You don’t have to like golf to like these golf glasses

Ok, so golf apparel is totally chic apparently? On Monday Chimi release their second collaboration with sports wear / fashion brand J.Lindeberg (remember this winter’s coolest goggles? we do).

Jellies + socks

I don’t even know how many times jellies has come and left. Anyways, we like them. Again. This weekend we are doing a copy and paste of this look. Jellies <3 socks.








Byredo launched a new fragrance earlier this week and we were not disappointed. Also, who wants to jump right into that campaign? *Mmmmm reliving the high school prom I never had*

Shop it here


Obsession over cool women on instagram could be our full-time job by now. Our latest discovery is Wannacoo, also known as 50% of the super now-brand BOYY. Follow her here for looks, travels and yes you guessed right, bags.

Published 31/08/2019

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