What I’m packing for 10 days of vacation in 3 different places

Published 27/07/2019
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Packing in general have never really been my best sport, ask anyone I know. When my friends are traveling with cabin bag, I’d probably check in two large suitcases. It’s always a living C-H-A-O-S, but though tons of more fun. However, tomorrow I’m leaving for 10 days of vacation to three different places. First off to France and Antibes, then driving up to Piemonte for a week at beautiful Villa La Madonna and then finally down to Rapallo and Portofino to celebrate Fanny’s 25th. And this is where I’m rn.


Hats are really the best accessory to bring whatever the destination is. Only the thing as extended SPF for the face?? And it pimps up any outfit, boring or extra vagant, to the beach or evening stroll.

From the left: Etro, Prada, Etro and Loewe.

As I’m worst case scenario when it comes to packing, I always have t save up with some safe cards. And I think this kind of outfit is my over all best one, as it’s very wearable in tons of situations. Preferably the day after I had an Aperól or two. How perfect aren’t my new Loewe glasses for that reason???? You can hide the black bags perfectly under them.

To sum up this is atm my best go-to-outfit. Perfect for the beach, after beach, hangovers or a casual dinner out.

Shorts Second hand, t-shirt Weekday, bag Chêne, hat + sunglasses Loewe.

The most versitile look ever

Bikini briefs to hide the previous Cacio e Pepe nights

What’s better than high bikini briefs these days?? Possibly less good for the than lines, but nevertheless for holding the previous pasta night in place. I went from being a tiny-triangle-bikini-girl to a high-waisted-brief-bikini-grandma with a giant hat, in only one year. And I love it!!!

Bikini Solid&Striped and hat Etro

The magical minidresses

My best garment to pack is definitely the mini dresses. Less space in the suitcase (more priority to shoes) and easier when the time comes to decide what to wear. These two from Nelly.com are my latest ones in, and will be perfect in Rapallo when sipping an Aperól or two while gagging with Fanny over something she should buy or not at Vestiaire Collective.

Vineyard nights

I’ve also realized the highlights during my vacations are nowadays the evenings, it something special with dressing up and go out for dinner. Like the “grande finale” of the day. And at Villa La Madonna it’s always Aperitivo from 7pm, where you can eat how much cheese and charcuteries you want. Dream right??? I will definitely do it in this dreamy Totême dress.

Dress Totême, heels Manolo Blahnik
and bag Chêne.

Hair clip, Gucci
Star necklace, Pearly and more
Blue necklace, market find
Earrings, Timeless pearly and Céline


Probably the best part in my suitcase. One can never wear to much bling bling. The more the merrier, as I say in almost everything. I have a new favorite brand when it comes to necklaces; Pearly and more. Find them on Instagram here, it’s a mix between childish and playful. As I love!! But I can’t deny (old) Céline still have the best earrings ever.

Hasta la vista baby, see you in Nice!

Published 27/07/2019

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