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Published 21/10/2019
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So, I had one of these recharging weekends that appears two, maybe three (if I’m lucky) times a year, this weekend. I went up north to my boyfriend who lives in Åre, a ski town 6 hours from Stockholm. However, it’s dead this time of the year so it’s the perfect spot when you don’t wanna do anything or see anybody. So I had some extra spare time to scroll on Instagram, and this is what I found.

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Feelin’ like a dream!!!!! @colourpopcosmetics

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Rainbow make up

In neon colors. Have you ever seen anything nicer??? wowza wowza. And I don’t even do make up. But now I know what I will try out this week, he he.

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Barneys Warehouse

Nobody has missed that Barneys have went into bankruptcy… Which is a huge tragedy that an iconic brand like that will no longer exist.

But, this weekend when I was browsing for an AW18 mens Balenciaga coat, I found Barneys Warehouse on Instagram, where they sell out all previous collections from their huuuge stock with great discounts. And of course they had my jacket!!! The struggle is real.

Head to Barneys Warehouse here.

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Hair ribbons XL size

First I fell for the baseball cap, and now I’ve found my second head accessory for this fall. What is happening?? But I present to you: the mega huge hair ribbon. Stella does it so so good, and she has a magical one from Chanel she wore to the show now in Paris. Will put an alert on Vestiaire rn. Until then I will se what Ebay has to offer. Be right back.

It’s still (mentally) sandal season

As you know I just bought my dream (old) Céline sandals at Magnolia2hand in Copenhagen, and at the same time I also found these Gucci bad boys. When I paid they just stared at me and said “but what about us???”.

And I can’t really get them out of my mind. They are really so so beautiful. And imagine with red socks, or heavy knitted ones with tucked in jeans. Have to reconsider this, even if it’s mid October.

Go to Magnolia2hand here.

The track suit

I’m so sorry, but I can not not include my totally AMAZING tracksuit from The North Face I found just before I headed to the train up to Åre. Isn’t this the coolest and cosiest track suit you ever seen??? I will never take it off, that’s for sure. Because then my boyfriend will steal it. And yes, it was really snowing when I took the picture.

Track suit, The North face
Boots, Zara
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Published 21/10/2019

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