Wait is beige my new happy color?

Or more so, are the trenchcoat really my new go-to piece?

Published 07/09/2019
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Ok, so I know that trenchcoats have been around for a century, and that they have all forms and colors. But lately, I feel like the oversize beige ones has been following me. Like literary everywhere I look, in the city, on the subway and of course on Instagram. Hello algorithm are you inside my head? Or have I accidentally said the word trenchcoat once two months ago? It’s weird how algorithms work. And how my shopping algorithm works. I usually need to marinate things (things being trends and phenomenons) a few weeks before I make a purchase. And when it’s time, there are always signs. So when they come, I have to go for them. Follow my gut (does this sound way to serious?? it is) or I will regret it forever (a couple of weeks).
Oh, why I can’t go back? Well, the best things in life I always find second hand or vintage. And it always amazes me how people want the same things I do.

Won’t you listen to this millennial girl?? She think she is unique.

And maybe (definitely) I am not. But I have strong instincts. And right now, all I can think is beige, crisp trenchcoats. This is rare, considering my instincts usually are bright pink mini dresses and feather bags.

I can’t help being stung by the vicious sting of minimalism. And maybe it will work out for me. Like “on Monday I’ll start working out”-working out.

Of course I’ll need the occasionally feather bag and bright pink mini dress to make the trench feel welcome in my closet.

Hear me out.

I can wear my bright pink dress over my beige trenchcoat?

Image, Stephanie Gundelach

Image: Alina Brane

I can wear the trench with a leather beret and make it feel french but in a yes I may or may not have been to a rave once-way.

Image: Frederik Lantz Andersen

Or maybe I’ll just go full on stripes and Converse like it was 1976?

So this is me admitting to being into beige. One of three non colors (black and white being the other two duh) that has given me exactly nothing in my previous life. But beige as in a beige trenchcoat and not in a full beige look.

But seriously every time I talk about something I’ll never wear I always end up wearing it. So maybe you will se me in an all beige outfit in the near future. We all know that when extreme can’t go more extreme it scales down to less to provoke. I might be getting close.

Image: Jimmy Guo

My favorite trench outfit this late summer. Shorts and sandals.

Image: Sandra Pinto

You see! The trench, it’s a total kameleont. Likes to chill in front of a movie and go out for drinks on town.

Published 07/09/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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