Unpopular opinion: I love fall

Published 28/09/2019
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As far as I’m concerned, the in between seasons rule. Honestly, summer is too hot, winter is too cold and I’m not one to dress according to weather. I refuse to be violated that way. It’s my party and if I want to wear pleather pants that don’t breath, heavy sneakers and cashmere in +33 degrees Celsius, no one (I SAY NO ONE!!) will stop me. So, in honor of my favorite time of year, I have compiled a celebratory list (i love lists) of things perfectly suited to do our wear during the fast approaching season.

My first reaction to this leopard printed set was nervous laughter because I knew it would never be mine. I promised myself I would only buy one item of clothing in September and I’ve already filled that quota. You however, are perfectly free to add to cart. I guess. Do whatever you want, I don’t care!

I know I just wrote i give zero fucks about the weather but. I’m a complex human being.

Fall means both sweater and sandal temperatures. Take advantage.

If you, like the Hobnob team, are obsessed with dogs, listen closely: Dog Bakery Stockholm opened its doors just last weekend. And let me tell you, it’s in-cre-di-ble. Abie and Bosse can be found at said cafe every Saturday for the foreseeable future. It’s perfectly acceptable to come without a canine companion. Just look at it as very affordable therapy!

You’ve got to love a place where the human/dog ratio is 50:50

The combination yoga pants + chunky boots is a grossly underestimated one. I’ve paired these Soft Sport tights with Catania from ATP Atelier. Also, I strongly advise you not to wear black. Olive green boots are, in my opinion, mood enhancing in a way that black can never be. Don’t be a bore!

I’m sorry, I don’t think you are boring. Friends?

And lastly, in my book, there is no such thing as a fall color palette. So, for God’s sake, do not stop wearing pink just because it happens to be October. DO YOU HEAR ME?
I don’t hate this knit.

Published 28/09/2019

In addition to being a Hobnob contributor, Carin Falk is head of feelings at ATP Atelier, has a very serious peanut butter addiction and argues she has the cutest dog seen to date.