Trending at NYFW: Kiwi Green

Published 14/02/2023
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New York Fashion Week is at its busiest days and we are so eager to sit here overseas and follow it through our contributing Streetstyle Photographer Asaf Leiberfrund’s lens, also known as The Street Vibe. One trend that we see having a great time in the spotlight is an old friend of ours: Kiwi green. When Bottega Veneta launched it as their it-color a few seasons ago we all got crazy over it. So I wonder, is it having its great comeback? Or is only a friend passing by on its way to vacation? Well, we’ll see. Anyway I am excited to have it here, either if its only for a week or if it prefers to stay. Just like an old friend moving home again.

Scroll down and see five versions of the delicious but sour fruit we all love. Captured through Asaf’s lens during day 2 of NYFW.

1. The Statement Coat

2. The (elegant) gloves

3. Shades of Kiwi

4. Or why not make it all In Kiwi?

5. Too much? Then just go for a touch of it.

Published 14/02/2023

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