This weeks style crush: Sarah Rohde Olsen

Published 25/11/2019
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There’s no secret that we love the danish girls these days. As the rest of the world. But our latest crush is PR girl Sarah Rohde Olsen, CEO and co-founder of Strategic and creative brand agency Morch & Rhode. Last week in Copenhagen we payed a visit to their office for another reason, and when Sarah came into the room both me and Fanny looked at each other and lip synched “what the fudge”. Coolest girl ever. So effortless, natural and über cool. Just as we love it.

City safari

This Loewe belt has been on my wish list for, what it feels like, a decade now. And now when I saw Sarah has it – I have to get it. Leaving for London this weekend, maybe an early Christmas present from me to me? He he. Love how Sarah styles it with a safari overall from The Frankie Shop, perfect for a day city hiking.

Going somewhere warm over Christmas?

If yes,

I can highly recommend you to scroll down two or three rolls in Sarah’s feed to get some heavy summer outfit inspiration. This summer she went to (very instagram friendly) Hôtel Les Roches Rouges where I’m trying to convince my mom to go with me in the beginning of June. Or convince and convince, she’s not a hard case there. We just have to book it.

If no,

Don’t scroll down. Then you will feel a desperate need to leave for south of France.

Here you find the link to the hotel.

And yes, Sarah is also one of those girls who has the luck to find the latest @newbottega.

The boots. The pouches. Who we all craves more than candy.

And of course she wears it together with Cecilie Bahnsen. Like a true danish.

The Bermuda shorts

If Cecilie Bahnsen was this summer huge lover of the fashion people, we definitely cheated on her with the Bermuda shorts when the early fall approached. Right?? And Sarah wants me to wear it rn. Even if it’s literally freezing outside. Do you think I can do it with stockings???

Follow her on instagram here.

Published 25/11/2019

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