This story is not about dogs

Although it does contain dogs

It’s about the joy of realizing that the padded headband has replaced the crazy expensive it-bag

The crazy sunnies

Nothing says ‘cool’ like a crazy pair of sunnies. It’s the proverbial dot (over the i) to any ensemble. And, as previously stated, sunshine isn’t the only reason to wear them. As our friend Nadia Kandil so brilliantly stated, anxiety can be a perfectly good reason too. Also, a good rule of thumb is; the weirder the better.

Sunnies, Prada

This is the first (but definitely not the last) puppy-torial you’ll have the distinct pleasure of browsing here in the Hobnob part of cyberspace. But this story is not about dogs (well), it’s about the most instagrammed pieces of fashion right now; the accessories! I’d say the playful hair/head/neck accessory has become the biggest marker of all things trend and status of our time (our time being the last six months, obvi just wanted to sound dramatic). And what a joy it is to realize that the padded headband has replaced the crazy expensive designer it-bag. Why? Because it’s more playful, less pretentious and most of all; it’s for everyone. Meet our models; Rufus, Jerry and Abie – Pose boys!

The necklace

This one is fun. Like crazy amounts (oodles and oodles) of fun. Just put stacks on stacks on stacks of necklaces! Also, you can make them yourself, which is crazy therapeutic and incredibly relaxing. And you should know by now that we love any piece of fashun that can be considered an antidepressant. Jerry told me, this accessory is the sartorial equivalent of a feel-good movie, so basically it’s the closest thing you’ll come to actually WEARING an episode of Friends.

Necklace, thrifted

Necklace, thrifted

Oyster pearl necklace, Blue Billie

The scarf

I deem this the most versatile accessory in all the lands. You can wear it in your hair, around your neck, as a belt, as a top (yes, it’s true), as a bag, as a bracelet, I could go on but I won’t. Abie is wearing it in the most conventional of ways, around his neck. At first I put it around his waist, as a belt, but he wouldn’t stop trying to eat it, so here we are.

Scarf, Hermès

Scarf, thrifted

Scarf, Hermès

The headband

First of all, thanks Rufus for sporting a padded velour headband like there’s no tomorrow. This specific piece of headgear does not only look good, it is, indeed, practical too. I for one hate having my hair in my face all day. But what I also don’t like (to take the hyperboles down a notch) is having my hair up. Well, Carin McCormac is doomed to be unhappy for the rest of her life, you might think. Nah-uh, my fate is saved by the magnificent headband!

Headband, Ebay

Published 29/05/2019

In addition to being a Hobnob contributor, Carin Falk is Brand Manager at ATP Atelier, has a very serious peanut butter addiction and argues she has the best sweats game known to mankind.

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