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Published 15/04/2020
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Okay, it’s official – I don’t even know what day it is anymore. Staying in, watching super weird videos in the dark corners of YouTube. Calling everyone in the phonebook to talk about what I just watched. Sending out Monday emails on a Sunday. It’s easy for the daily routines to be none-existent right now, even though you’re trying your best (we’re in this together). Youre doing great sweetie!!

So, in an attempt to stay sane I wanted to share my upcoming projects with you. Let’s do this together, are you with me??

Let’s get creative!!

Creations via Lisa Fluegelfeld

Start Crafting

This is something I’ve currently looked more into. The first thing I want to do is order home some clay and start to create decoration for my apartment. It could be a vase, new plates or maybe something like what Lisa made? The sky is the limit!!

Bring out Your Painting Supplies

Okay, so what I need you to do (like right now) is to bring out your painting supplies. Is there anything that makes time pass by unnoticed like when painting?? Even if you suck at it (like me, hehe). Don’t think sooo. It’s so freaking satisfying?!? And if you don’t have a canvas casually chilling in your wardrobe – just rip out some pages from the journal you almost never use anyway and start creating. Please show us what you create later (tag us on instagram <3), we want to see what you fantastic human beings bring into existence!!!!

Amazing art by the one and only – Camilla Engström

Or.. just copy paste what Fanny did the other day.

Fanny posted it on her instastory and it stuck with me. It’s really a helpful tip if you want to make a change in your apartment but don’t really have room for new stuff, or just want to reinvent the things you already have.

After making your home a new (and perhaps more inspiring) place, reward yourself with a home made facial mask!! I’m going to try the one Anniken posted on her Instagram a couple of days ago – you should too. Drink your water, take care of your skin and listen inwards. It’s you-time.

Also, you don’t have to do a single thing. I think it’s important to have days where you do exactly nothing (more than walk back and forth between the fridge and your bed). Remember that these simply are suggestions you can do if you’re bored or want to take on a project. Take your time to reboot if you need to. Listen inwards *sending virtual hugs*

Published 15/04/2020

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