There is a Look For Every Me in Attico’s Pre Fall 2020 Collection

Published 15/01/2020
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It rarely happens that I get really into an entire collection. It’s like an album, there can be a few amazing songs but somewhere in the middle-end there are always some tunes that don’t make the cut. Push fast forward. 

Big collections are usually the same. I can die for something and not understand something else. I guess that’s what they mean when they say that everybody can’t like everything all the time. 

But this weekend something happened. I was Saturday browsing like one do when in need of some inspiration and to be honest something else than insta perfect outfits when I came across Attico’s Pre Fall 2020 collection. I know what you are thinking, pre fall already?? It’s depressing spring hasn’t even outed its arrival and fall is already lurking behind the corner. So unfair. But no, pre fall is like a pre dinner drink, it doesn’t necessarily need to be happening just before dinner. It can consumed in the afternoon because that is pre dinner. 

What I am trying to say is that pre fall is usually launched just in time for summer to begin. So fear not the pre fall collection. 

Back to Attico. They have had some good seasons with a lot of party approved dresses. Actually, the Attico dresses don’t really need a party bc they make it party wherever you take them. That is not bad at all.
But what I really realized this season was how many me I could see in the looks. And not only on my way to a fabulous event.

Business meeting Me

Regular day at the office Me

Saturday party sipping margaritas like there was no tomorrow me Me

Turns out there was a tomorrow and I had a brunch planned Me

Date night trying to show some boob Me

Breakfast with friends before starting a day I am obviously excited about look at this outfit Me

Vacation on my way to the market to shop for fruit and magical stones Me

Beach day trying to match an Aperol Spritz Me

Are you tired of all the Me’s yet?

The day after my wedding Me

Post wedding ready to party with my new husband Me

Fashion Week trying to avoid spilling coffee and wine Me

Tomorrow Me

Not a joke, will do this outfit tomorrow.

See full collection here.

Published 15/01/2020

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