The only type of shoes I want to wear this summer

And how I want to wear them.

I’m here to let you know my thoughts on shoes this summer. After a long cold, rainy and gloomy winter there’s nothing better than to let your toes hang loose right? Well you are gonna have to hold on just a tiny bit more for that because the first shoe I’m gonna tell you about still has four walls and a roof so to speak.


The first shoe that comes to mind when looking back (and forward this season) is Converse. It’s not like Converse ever really goes out of style, but WHAT a comeback! (Yes, I believe you can make a comeback without ever not not being there.) Anywho, I really do not want to take them off. I though it would be fun to style them with red legs. How did I do?

Dress, Beyond Retro. Red stockings from Swedish Stockings. Shoes, Converse.

Feeling logo?

JW Anderson x Converse

The classic


The not so classic

JW Anderson x Converse

For blue days


The ballerina sneaker

Koché x Converse

Ok, moving on to the next shoe that I would like to present as shoes that I’m wearing this summer. Let me know afterwards if I got you convinced OK? Good.

The western inspired sandal

So, either if you are one that feel like moving forward from your last year’s obsession over cowboy boots, or if you are one that for any reason don’t feel like going full on cowboy, but still want to keep it a bit howdy. I present to you – The western inspired sandal. These pair with its wooden, slightly curved heel, visible topstitches and pointy toe sure makes a lot of days more interesting. I swear! Also super duper fun to style with a full on organza dress on top of jeans, trust me.

Dress, sample. Heels, Second hand. Denim, Weekday.

The almost mule

Reike Nen

Cowboy heels

Alexander Wang

Heel perfection

Rejina Pyo



Flip flops

And the question I keep asking myself: Wearing flip flops to a wedding?

Before I continue to talk about this amazingly exciting question you just read, I must quickly let you know that I have been wearing flip flops almost every day since the temperature raised above 14°C, which equals about two months now. (Which equals about 60 days and at least 40 different outfits. What can I say, I’m lazy like that). So I came to question myself if there was any situations or occasions when I would have to think twice wether to leave my new life partners at home not, not because I wanted to but because I *had to*.

I enjoy wearing the type of garments and things that you have to think twice about. And I’m not talking about the type you have to think twice about wether you like it or not, or if you will use it or not, (or the most common think twice-situation) if it’s too expensive or not. No, I’m talking about the think twice situation wether it’s *appropriate* or not. Which then brings me to my question.

“Wearing flip flop to a wedding?” I don’t have the correct answer. But I must say I’m intrigued. And this is one way to do it.

Pants, Stine Goya. Dress, Stine Goya. Flip flops, Havaianas. Blazer, Second hand.

Tie dye flip flops

Pedro Garcia

Thong heels

Simon Miller





Tied up flip flops

Ancient Greek sandals

Another thong heel

Gianvito Rossi

Strappy heels, preferably worn with tights.

Strappy heels, Zara.

No, I am definitely not over the strappy sandal. Preferably with a toe thong detail. Best worn with tights. OK I heard it, that sounds like a way to bad slogan for a way to good shoe. But that’s exactly how I feel, so that’s ok.

If you are in the same mood as I am, mixing print with print is still fun to do using only two colors. Something that should not be forgotten!! Sorry Fanny, in this case black IS one of two colors.

Published 27/05/2019

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.

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