3 Ways to Style the Crystal Bra That is On Everybody’s Boobs rn

Published 06/12/2021
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I remember when I bought this nowadays iconic crystal bra just before summer and asked myself “is this too much?” and then the devil on my shoulder immediately answered “no Linn, there is no such thing as too much” and was he right? Yes. It is truly my (and many others) best go-to-piece whenever I am in doubt what to wear on party occasions. A black t-shirt, jeans, the bra + great heels and I am all ready for the plans that might come my way.

Image Courtesy of Nue Studio
Image Courtesy of Nue Studio

This outstanding piece highlights a casual outfit and evokes a glamorous mood right away.

– Nue Studio

3 ways how I style it

1. The full black look

Are you a bit more edgy in your style but still love some sparkle here and there? I would defiantly go for a full black look like this one and then add the glamorous double diamond to it. This is actually one of my favorite outfits this year! I remembered when walking into that restaurant feeling so confident and comfortable about myself, and if that isn’t the best feeling I don’t know what. This bra really adds a lot to that sensation I can promise you.

Sweater, Balenciaga
Pants, COS
Belt, Saks Potts

2. Transform your best dress to your best party dress

There is actually no outfit at all this bra can’t spice up. Even if this dress is quite spicy itself, but a bit more casual alone than with some diamonds. Don’t you think? However I felt more party appropriate with it and went for it. More is more when it comes to party, at least in my opinion. I wish you could see how much its sparkle in real life, it is literally a walking diamond store coming your way.

Dress, Loewe
Heels, Old Céline
Bag, Prada

3. Leave the shirt at home

If you are a dare devil I would go for this option. I am still working on the feeling to not feel too naked, I know its just in my head but sometimes I am a bit lady like. But it is a great party look during summers though, at least here in Sweden when it is around -20 degrees right now. I will definitely challenge myself as soon as it 40 degrees warmer to wear this look again. Are you more of a dare devil or a lady like me?

Image Courtesy of Nue Studio

Go get it or sign up on the waiting list here.

Published 06/12/2021

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