Top shows of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020

Published 10/10/2019
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Just like every September Paris was the last stop of the fashion circus, also known as Fashion Month. Let’s see what les français thinks we should be wearing next spring. Spoiler, there will be leather, quite a lot of beige, polos and wide shoulders.


Was maybe one of this seasons most buzzed show? According to my Instagram Story that is.

The dusty H with too many equestrian references (can one joke about Hermès??) seems to be a far off memory. It’s been happening over a few seasons but now it’s a fact.

The H today is all about sophisticating minimalism and effortless luxury. Head of Womens Design at Hermès is Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski who’s previous work we’ve seen at The Row, Margiela and guess what, Céline. Surprised?


This story will not be in which order these fashion shows got attention on Instagram, that would be way to 2019. These two quite hyped shows just happened to be next to each other.

But can we talk a little bit about Lacoste? My first boyfriend wore Lacoste sneakers and I though they were so damn cool. But he wore them a few seasons too many and I started to hate them. I wanted him to wear Converse instead. So I hid them under his bed. And he bought Converse instead. What does that say about me??

Anyways. I don’t think I’d appreciate those sneakers today, but I do however appreciate Lacoste SS20. Knit polo shirts have never looked better. Neither has pastel suits and sweatpants. I really want to do tennis or some other sport where the dresscode is sophisticated now??

It was really hard choosing my favorite looks since every look was so good. How often does that happen? See full show here and save to your SS20 mood board (if you have one, if you don’t just use the full Lacoste show OK?)

Stella McCartney

I ask myself every season, is Stella McCartney the queen of blazers? And since I ask it every season I think she must be.

So cool, so effortless, so androgyne. Also completely in love with the utility/safari she has going on.

If you are familiar with Stellas upbringing you can always distinquish her predilection to the easy, close-to-nature lifestyle and this collection was no exception.


So Balenciaga opened the show with 6 all black looks. A statement? For sure. The auditorium of which the show took place was all dressed in the blue color of EU. And the collection was inspired by power dressing and fashion uniforms.

Like always the wide shoulders played a big part in the silhouettes and and the patterns spoke for themselves.
But I’d like to add an unpopular opinion, for how much longer will these shoulders, patterns and oversize silhouettes feel new? Is the continuity of these attributes a statement in itself from Demna Gvasalia about fashion not having to be reinvented all the time?


Maybe not one of the most exciting Chanel shows ever, but the crashing of it was.

However I did love that Chanel are bringing back the thick black stockings. Like how could we every forget how elegant they are? And with black hotpants. I’ll take two of those looks please.

Louis Vuitton

I appreciate me some space references but enough is enough. Louis Vuitton has been a bit too futuristic for me these past seasons but Spring 2020 is right up my alley. That’s 70s show called and wanted their costumes back but please Louis Vuitton DON’T PICK UP.

What a way to end fashion month.


JW Anderson, creative director of Loewe is the master of cool femininity. He takes lace, small flower patterns, frills and crochet and turns everything you expect it to be up-side-down and you are left with nothing what you thought it would be.

Like written above, in a fashion world where nothing can be new anymore, he still makes my eyebrows rise.

All images via Vogue Runway.

Published 10/10/2019

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