Stay Safe and Be Human 

Published 16/03/2020
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I have thought long and hard in how to use this platform to say something good about the very special situation we got going on in the world right now. On one hand I want to spread awareness and give my thoughts to the one smitten by the COVID-19 in any way, but on the other hand do we really need to have another media telling about the virus? 

In this situation the internet is both our best friend and worst enemy. Because really, who can you trust right now? Commercial news sites who make money on the amounts of clicks tend to add some spice to get you into their articles. But at the same time, how can we afford not to take all the precautions we can with everything being written in cyber. Nobody should profit on fear. Unfortunately that is the world we live in. 

So I just want to take this space in our Hobnob universe which is build on love, ambitions and the love of fashion and culture to say:

Stay safe, be human. Help your community in the way you can. Be critical towards sources not to cause any unnecessary panic. Don’t spread fake news. And wash your hands of course.

We will continue to publish content like we always do because at least we feel like one could use some good reads in times like these. And it has come to our knowledge that many around us feel the same way. Hopefully no-one will take offense by this.

We are all in this together. Let us not forget to interact just because we are not shoulder to shoulder.

Love, team Hobnob

Published 16/03/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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