Hats Are Still Having a Moment

Published 09/05/2020
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And they are for sure going into their busier time of the year

We, or actually, Fanny wrote this article right after Paris fashion week in January and stated that “head Pieces are having a moment right now” and I would claim they still do. But I would say hats are going into a more busier time now. Sun is approaching and it is a lot easier to wear it and not freeze to death.

And let’s just start by saying: this bucket hat woke up a silent monster in me last summer. Now I can’t stop browsing on Vestiaire for weird hats. Like ALL kinds of weird hats.

The bucket hat

I think it was last summer (or even two summers ago?) the bucket hat had a big bloom? And I would say it kept on going. Since Prada went full on with their quilted ones and re-launched the nylon ones – I think it will never leave.

I have a mixed feeling about the look though. Half of the time I feel like a 16 years old skater boy and the other 50% like a cool Copenhagen cat. I think they have a certain way of pulling it off? Am I right? Like Anna here, or Emili here.

But I realized it can never go wrong with a pajama, that’s for sure.

Hat, Chanel via Vestiaire Collective
Pyjamas, Vintage
Tisha, Arket
Necklace, Blue Billie

The cute sailor look

This is also a look I like very much. Do you remember I wrote about this hat in this article? It was about my “best vintage catches in a while”. And it still is. I actually don’t use this hat as much as I want to, because I feel it needs to be worn with a really good summer dress to get its fully potential.

But I can’t say I hate this look either, the hat goes perfectly good with a pink neon jacket and light blue denims too.

Jacket, Prada
Hat, Faithfull the brand
Sweater, Arket

The Pretty Woman hat

Latest as this weekend we talked about that we some day we really have to attend a real polo game, just like Pretty Woman. And I would consider this outfit very appropriate for that?? Felt very much like Julia Roberts here, minus her amazing hair.

Hat, vintage
Coat, Vintage

Necklace, Blue Billie

The furry friend from abroad

Can’t get enough of this furry dream from Emma Brewin. I feel like a very weird (but fun) movie character when I am wearing it, which I guess is why I like it so much.

Me and Fanny often talks about how fun it is to wear pieces that is really not made to wear that season. Like wearing a straw bad in the middle of the winter, or a furry hat in the middle of summer. I guess this will go great together one of my Cecilie Bahnsen dresses on a bit chilly day in June. Right??

Hat, Emma Brewin
Blazer, Stine Goya

The picnic look

Sailor hat here.

Would almost call this look the modern mermaid. But would also consider this as a great picnic look?? I always love to go on picnic in maxi dresses for some reason.

My intention was to save this dress for my cousins graduation party with a Mexican theme, but I couldn’t keep my hands off it for another day.

Dress, Helmstedt
Hat, Cos
Necklace, Blue Billie

Howdy cowboy

The cowboy hat is for sure here to stay.

And that is something I am very excited about. Can’t wait to get my hands on a really good vintage one! This one from Jacquemus has more of a farmer look, which I also like, but it makes me feel as far howdy I can get rn. Next step is full mode Texas. Any ideas?

Blazer, La Veste
Hoodie, Balenciaga
Hat, Jacquemus

Published 09/05/2020

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