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Published 26/08/2019
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Anna, Ella and Fanny outside the Stine Goya show.

Did anyone miss it was Copenhagen fashion week last week?? No? Right. Stockkholm fashion week is nothing but a sweet memory these days while Copenhagen fashion week is counted as one of the highlights of Fashion Month. It’s not a secret it’s one of the most upcoming fashion cities in the world, or maybe already one of the leading ones?? Danish girls (and boys) are truly mine and Fanny’s favorites when it comes to how to dress and live. As Fanny’s big birthday bash collided with Cph FW (and you have we had to priorities, Aperóls before fashion week) we luckily managed to make it to Copenhagen for the last day. But like every good party, they saved the best for last (or at least a whole bunch of goodies). Here comes a postcard from our 20h overseas;

Oh Boyy oh Boyy

First out: a quick stop to our friends at Boyy boutique. Heard of but never visited? Don’t miss out on this store next time in town. It’s truly a dream. We went one floor down to the treasure basement to have a look at the upcoming arrivals.

1111 k, Christian IX’s Gade 10, 1111 København.

My favorite is this little bad boyy, I managed to hide it in one of my huge satin pockets. You want to talk more about this satin coat? I am here for it.

First show: Stand Official

And to sum it up, we will wear tons of snake and leather next summer. Our favorites were these two snake printed coats. But I have to find a similar for this fall, how nice with light blue denims and kicks?

Baby Boyy of course made it to the show aswell.

But the best part about fashion weeks isn’t the shows (this is old news by now I know but it really is true), it is what’s happening between the shows. We almost missed Stine Goyas show because we got stuck at the bar gossiping with Ras. And while doing that (drinking and gossiping that is) we got a good look at what the entire instagram will look like the upcoming months.

Trends don’t show here, they get invented.

It’s like walking into an “all you can eat candy buffet”

Pernille Teisbeck

Next up: Stine Goya

I think this made it to the top 1 best show of the day. In the gym of an old military base, they had put up gigantic paper mâché hands and feet in the size of three humans. When the show started the cool woman after the other entered the gym runaway. Some actually breakdanced down the runway.

The casting was truly amazing to see. Cool diverse models mixed with street cased women from all over the world.

The rescue pit-stop.

One thing to know about fashion weeks – there’s no space in the schedule to either eat and pee (or breathe). But when we stood on a Voi and it started pooring down (we are in Scandi land after all), we had to hide somewhere and oups we fell into a bar where they had both wine and cheese.

Because of this we missed a show but c’est la vie.

Saks potts

Okey, I think I speak for both me and Fanny here; we both had so high expectations before this show and were quite excited when we stepped onto the Royal Academy of Music. And we were not disappointed. Saks Potts always seem to deliver the unexpected excitable if that makes sense. This collection was all about full denim sets, their classic patent Foxy coat in new pastel colors and a fully emballished cowboy look. It was like revisiting the beginning of the century. Like Lizzie McGuire but make if fashion for real.

And us?

Fanny wore vintage jacket Yves Saint Laurent, skirt from COS, cap Prada, sneakers from Balenciaga and bag Boyy bags.

I wore a dress also made by Lowe Olsen, hoodie and sneakers Balenciaga and bag Boyy Boutique.


We had the best company and they had the best vongole. And really what more could one ask for in 20 h in Copenhagen.

Vester Farimagsgade 2, 1606 København

Until next time Copenhagen


And to round it off…

…Our favorite danish duo took us eating (here and here) and it wasn’t bag. It was SPAGHETTERIA. If you haven’t been there, write it down. Bring a date, or a friend (or two).

Published 26/08/2019

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