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Published 11/03/2020
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It’s yet another week and cyber has no days off. What’s been happening? I’ll tell you.


Step inside the contemporary Dior mind with ‘Dior Talks’.

With host Katy Hessel, Dior announced that they where going to create a space for discussing topics that relate not only to the House but also aiming to influence and affect society at large. The first episode launched last Sunday, aka International Women’s Day with the first series revolving around Feminist Art (YES!!)

First up is an episode with Maria Grazia Chiuri on how feminist art has shaped her creativity.

Take me to the podcast


Besides making amazing prints, Astrid’s fashion game and creativity inspires us all on a daily. I wish I could use her prints as wallpaper. Yes, she’s THAT good. If you want to see more of her art click here and if you need someone to lighten up your feed here you go <3

All images via Astrid

House of Sunny

Founded by Sunny Williams in 2011, House of Sunny is an independent womenswear brand based in London.

They’re producing small sustainable runs of collections, as a statement against fast fashion. During a year, two seasonal collections are produced, making time for research and sourcing sustainable fabrics as well as manufacturings methods. You go Sunny, you go!!

“As a brand, we are on a journey towards sustainability and are conscious of our environmental impact.” – House of Sunny

Here you can find the available collections to upgrade your closet, in a sustainable matter (ofc)

The Unexpected Collab

Last but not least, something worth repeating… As Fanny already told you, the collaboration between Proenza Schouler and Birkenstock is happening. Yes, we’re 100% serious. I couldn’t make a cyber update without mentioning these very important news!! Read all about it here.

Published 11/03/2020

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