On Linn’s Friday wish list

Well, on top of my wish list rn is actually to be in Paris with Fanny. But the annual flu (as I get every fourth year) hit me like a dodgeball. Without further notice. I never get sick, like literally never. I thought I was terribly hungover this Sunday (even if I didn’t drink that much at all on Saturday, so I thought it was a bit weird), anyhow I was aslo feeling very low entire Monday – and then, just like a dodge ball, the flu hit me the night to Tuesday. And yes, our flight to Paris was at 4pm that afternoon and I couldn’t get out of bed.

Cheers to me.

So it was just to face the fact, the flu won and I had to cancel Paris. And I’ve had the four worst days in a very long time. But today, I finally ate a cinnamon bun and felt alive again.


Well at least more alive then I felt in four days. However, being stuck in bed have made me crave a lot of stuff. And I am here now to serve you some weekend inspiration:

A purple rug

I have this one in white from Layered. But now I found out that Artilleriet (amazing interior shop in Gothenburg) has a similar. In purple. How the heck will I convince my bf to get a purple living room rug? Well, maybe I should just get it and say “SURPRISE” when he comes home. Or?? Hehe.

The IT sandal of every season

Well, maybe not a surprise. As I think this sandal has been on every single girl (and boy’s) wishlist the last seasons.

I was so close to buy a pair last summer, but couldn’t really motivate the price tag by that time. But now I am searching Vestiaire every.single.day to find a pair to a fair price, in size 39. Hit me up if you find one (preferably two hehe).

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Can it be summer soon🖤

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Vases. Just vases.

I have a very strong obsessions with vases rn. You weirder shape, you better. My mom just bought these two here above from the Swedish artist Anna Bystrup, and it might be one of the most beautiful shapes I seen in a while. LOVE THEM. More like an art piece than a vase.

Everything from Prada AW20

I quote Fanny when she says “If I’d be an outfit I’d be this one”, and I can speak for myself here too. JESUS its so so good. Not that leather on leather isn’t a new thing, but puffy leather on leather. Hell to the yes, how good!!!!

And I have to have that pair of boots until next winter.

Sarah’s outfit (and shoes)

No woords needed right? I have to copy this outfit asap I get out of bed.

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Vamos Verbier

Me and my bf just booked one week in Verbier in the middle of March. Guess who’s very excited?? My ski season never ends, and will continue all the way into beginning of May. Best part of live in a country up north. Looking forward to have one week of pure skiing, (hopefully) sun, quality time together and a lots of beer (hehe).

New ski trips are like new fashion weeks for me, I always crave new unexpected outfits. You more 80’s you better. And my latest crush is this fringe jacket from Moncler, that I saw ever coolest Wanna wear in Japan a couple of weeks ago.

Find it on Net-a-Porter here.

Published 28/02/2020

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