Next in Fashion Has Given Me a New Reason to Love Fashion (SPOILER ALERT)

Published 11/02/2020
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When I watched Mr. Big search for Carrie in Paris for the millionth time I knew it was time to find something new to watch. During my research I stumbled upon Next in Fashion on Netflix with Alexa Chung and Tan France. It’s very similar to Project Runway, minus the harsh environment (adding love, compassion and support).

So, what does Next in Fashion promise you? According to me: tears, excitement and nervousness that makes your gut wrench. Of course along with amazing creations that you want to copy and paste in to your own closet asap.

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

Minju Kim and Angel Chen creating on Netflix.

The challenges the designers are facing includes everything from red carpet looks to rock inspired designs and sportswear – let’s just say I’m here for them all!

Out of the eighteen designers that entered the show, two of them surprised me a lot. Now I know for sure that love at first sight exists, because from the second I laid my eyes on the creations of Minju Kim and Angel Chen, they got my heart.

What comes next is a love letter to one of my personal favorites from the show (Minju Kim) aka the new love of my life. Therefore, for your own sake, go watch the show in one sitting (like me) to avoid any spoilers and come back to hype this amazing creator with me.

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I had no idea who Minju Kim was until Next in Fashion (I know… it should be illegal!!). But as it turns out the winner does take it all. In 2013 she won the H&M Design Award and made a collection for the Swedish brand. Also, as someone who lived in Copenhagen for a few months, Minju is the best of both worlds – making the love child of Cecilie Bahnsen and Stine Goya that we all want but didn’t know how much we needed. Until now.

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Coming soon, you will be able to buy her Net-a-Porter collection here.
You’re very welcome.

Published 11/02/2020

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