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Published 11/11/2019
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And I know there are almost 100 million users on Instagram (yes I googled that be quiet) but sometimes I feel like I have seen it all. And then all of a sudden, a woman (let’s be honest it’s usually women who run the best accounts) I’ve never seen before shows up on my screen and she’s everything I need for my feed. A modern girl crush story.

Opéra Sport

Found and followed Opéra Sport via one of my all-time favorite Instagram follows Stephanie Gundelach a few days ago. A 100% recycled silk brand in which she seems to have a finger or two.

Oh and it launched today!

*Adding the yellow rib square neck top to my cart as I type*

Shop it here

Follow here


Paris based model Regina Anikiy caught my attention immediately.

Women who master the perfect eye liner wing always make me push the follow button. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Although Regina seems to have an impressive collection of vintage blazers which always does it as well.

Also, this is how to wear an all beige look if you were wondering.

Disco day dream aka Lauren Johnson

Come on with those vintage Fendi Bermudas! I’m getting killed over here!

Lauren, also known as discodaydream has a great vintage closet and the perfect boy next door style.

Big blazers, sweatsuits, tank tops and lots of trench coats. Just mentioning a few things she masters.

Oh yes she’s gorgeous as well.

I am def getting a full sweatsuit and wearing to work later this week.

Karla Alajdi

Karla is my most recent dane discovery.

I too want to live in Copenhagen walking around in Converse and cool trousers being all loose and au naturel.

Tuba U

She’s stating in her Instagram bio that she hates good taste. And I must say I find myself getting quite tired of the good taste as well. Because framing creativity, isn’t it?

I find myself being too used to perfect Instagram feeds today. What I used to appreciate most about internet was the way it always surprised me with new ways to think.

When I’m on let’s say Pinterest today I don’t know if I like a photo because I like it, or because it’s what the algorithm says looks like something I saved a few days ago. It’s like Pinterest and such apps of good taste, like Instagram, are using a master suppression technique on me over and over and I just continue liking it.

Ok so now I got totally lost in the subject and I don’t know if she feels this way. But apparently I do.

Published 11/11/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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