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Published 20/07/2020
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Cassandra Rasmussen is the coordinator of Hobnob. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden via Copenhagen, Denmark this year after finishing an internship at danish fashion house Stine Goya. Besides writing, Cassie creative directs whenever she get’s the chance (and believe me when I say she makes it happen).

My summer persona

I would describe my summer persona with one word: adventurous. Summer time is Dora-let’s-explora-time. Unless it’s one of those beautiful rainy summer days, that’s when I prefer sitting on the porch with a good read and a blanket wrapped around me.

For example this summer was my first to go out by boat with friends. We had a real fun day at the sea and now I can’t wait to do it again!! So that’s where you’ll find me from now on. On a boat somewhere.

In my beach bag you will find this

Sunscreen, a knit (in case it get’s cold later on) and water. You’ve got to stay hydrated, you know. Oh, maybe a pair of headphones and my diary as well. That’s about it. I’ll wear my bathing suit with shorts and a shirt, no worries!!

My go to pieces this summer

Oh yes, I know this will come as a surprise… dresses!!!! No, but for real. Dresses. That’s it. That’s the tweet. Preferably voluminous ones:
the closer I get to looking like a meringue the better.

Ultimate summer destination

The ultimate summer destination for me is the no destination-destination. That’s when me and my friends just scream along to “if you wanna be my lover” and drive around until we find a place we thinks looks nice. We’ll stay there, maybe take a dip in the ocean, play some games and just take in everything that is summer.

Something I can’t live without on a hot summer day

Missing the Italian Gelato very much right now, thanks for asking.

*rare footage of me actually wearing a hat*

What I always bring but never wear

Hats. Usually they only take up the space I have in my suitcase and lose their shapes when arriving to optional destination. Therefore, I really need to get myself smaller hats. Then maybe I could start wearing them. Sounds like a plan imo!!

In my luggage you’ll find

A scarf. It might not sound much to the world, but HERE I explain why the scarf will be your best friend when packing this summer.

My beauty summer hack

Since I’m not very good att makeup or other beauty stuff (like at all), I would say put some effort into your nails. Pastels, patterns or maybe some real screamy colors? The sky is the limit!

(but I really need to raise the voice for eyebrow gel, takes no time but makes the biggest difference)

The summer memory I cherish the most

This is a hard one, but if I have to choose I guess I’ll go for the summer memory that changed my life the most. And it was the day I moved to Copenhagen last summer to start my internship at Stine Goya. Heartbroken and all alone (also confused af) I challenged myself and it turned out to be the best choice I could’ve ever made. I made friends for life and created memories I’ll never forget. Thank you, Copenhagen <3

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Published 20/07/2020

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