Über cool and creative Lowe Olsen shares her summer style with us

Published 03/07/2019
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I have known Lowe for a couple of years now, or more cyber-known her. We grew up in two small towns very close to each other, but that feels like a decade ago. But I remember thinking she was one of the coolest cats ever, by that time I went between I-love-NYC thirts and horse gear. I especially remember when she left for three months to San Francisco, that was the the wildest move ever. So yep, Lowe and her friends from back then were totally cool already, back then. However, now a couple of years later she’s one of HOBNOB’s fashion editors. How rad isn’t that??? And I asked her to share her summer style with us, and so she did.

I’m the kind of summer person that would like to go through summer barefoot in a bikini, greasy and sweaty

Which type of summer person are you? 

I’m the kind of summer person that would like to go through summer barefoot in a bikini, greasy and sweaty. But then I remember I love clothes and shoes, So I usually end up actually wearing something. I usually enjoy spending time alone, and spend time at home. But you know what? Something happens during the summer, I become this traveling hurricane who doesn’t need sleep, routines or ANY alone time. Going from one place to another in full speed is how I usually spend my summers.

Go to pieces this summer? 

My go to piece this summer is (sorry for pointing out the obvious) dresses. In all forms. I have prepared a whole new summer wardrobe which contains 99% dresses. I haven’t really ever been a dress-person. Looking back at photos from previous years it is very clear that shorts and skirts have been my thing. But look at me now, ready to change. 

Ultimate summer destination?

My ultimate summer destination is always Italy. I spent a lot of time there during the years and I can not get enough of how beautiful that country is. We usually end up at a vineyard with my family.

What are you bringing in your beach bag this summer? 

Always a deck of cards, 3 pair of sunglasses and headphones. However, without pointing out the obvious again, I would say that I a folding fan is always a good idea, I always need hair clips for my chaotic beach hair. And I would be screwed If I didn’t bring a lip balm with SPF. Am I the only one always getting a burnt lower lip??

“I guess this is the summer when I’m breaking up with hats”

What do you always bring but never wear?

I always bring a hat or two to wherever I’m going, but for some reason I end up not using them even once. So I guess this summer I’m braking up with hats. 

The outfit that saves you on a hot summer day? 

Men’s briefs and a men’s shirt. Trust me!!

Your beauty hack for summer?
Believe me, I’m no beauty guru. I wash my hair with soap and I use body lotion on my face. However, during the summer months is when I feel the most fresh. I usually pull my hair back in a tight bun, paint my nails in pastel and put on some extra golden jewelries.

Published 03/07/2019

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