Our Best Movie List but Make it Make-Up Edition

Published 23/04/2020
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The movie universe inspires us endlessly in terms of fashion, personas and expressions. Today we’re going to zoom in (a lot). It’s beauty time movie edition!!

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So this comes as no surprise to anyone, neither is it an actual movie. But Euphoria swept us all off our feet with the visuals, the stories and of course THE MAKEUP!!

Image via Euphoria
Image via Euphoria

Doniella Davy, the makeup artist of Euphoria created a whole new era of makeup, to say the least. Davy’s looks topped with sequins, glitter, sharp eyeliner, and colorful eyeshadow has become a phenomenon. Some might of thought it would be temporary, but it’s here to stay!

The possibility to create different looks from day to day has become similar to switching handbags with different outfits. It’s an accessory – something to switch it up. A tool to express yourself. In this case: the more the merrier.


If we had to choose one thing to take with us from Clueless it would definitely be the lip makeup. Pink, red, apricot? The choice is all yours, but don’t you forget the lip liner!! (Ugh, as if?!)

Even though the fashion is the most observed (and loved) aspect of the movie, the makeup should have some spotlight time too. For example it takes huuge part of the makeover for Tai. In short, it helped create the personas that we all love and (cher)ish.

But let’s not forget the absolutely most important insight in the movie. It’s the inside that matters the most. When Cher is done with her superficial makeovers, she realizes that it’s the inside that counts and takes on a totally different challenge:

“I decided I needed a complete makeover, but this time I’d make over my soul,” she declares.

Yes, Cher. YES.

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Image via Mj Rodriguez
Image via Indya Moore

Maybe it’s all about daring to experiment with different colors or shapes. In this case at least. Like Euphoria, Pose is bringing make up in passionate and experimental ways – personalizing different looks for different times, moods and styles. It’s playful yet dramatic – simply, the best of both worlds.

Okay, so first of all. If you haven’t seen this series… I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a masterpiece (and pssst, the third season is said to launch this year). If you’re looking for that extra, I present to you: POSE. It’s important and inspirational for so many reasons, but for now let’s focus on the amazing makeup. Extravaganza should be a synonym for this cast and I’m definitely here for it.

Image via Mj Rodriguez

Everything Audrey Hepburn

We know her from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Love in The Afternoon and Funny Face. She was the muse of Givenchy, the epitome of elegance and her timeless fashion will never go out of style. Neither will her makeup. Or her spirit. So pick and choose whichever movie you want – and you’ll be inspired on every level.

Images via soaudreyhepburn

This wouldn’t be complete without the unforgettable women of Pulp Fiction and Factory Girl aka Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace and Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgewick.

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Feel free to bingewatch as much as you can!!







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Published 23/04/2020

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