Marianne Theodorsen’s Christmas Wish List

Published 30/11/2022
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Image by Polina Vinogradova.

My name is Marianne Theodorsen, living in Oslo, Norway with my husband and two kids. I’ve working in fashion since 2008, and have since then dipped my toes in retail, styling, street style photography and pr. In 2018 I quit my full time job to work solely as a content creator, and I haven’t looked, back since. As of today I’ve worked with clients like Chanel, Mulberry, Valentino Beauty, Roxanne First, Crocs, Maria Nila, Boucheron and more.

I am excited to share my Christmas wishlist with the Hobnob Secret Santa where wishes do come true. Right?

Gustaf Westman Chunky Cup

I’m such a huge fan of Gustaf Westman, and just love his quirky and playful approach to interior. I already own his big curvy mirror, and next on my wishlist are his chunky cups to make my morning coffee even better.

Shop them here.

Okey dokey bracelet by Roxanne First

Roxanne First makes the most amazing jewelry. It’s both fun and timeless – luxury pieces made for everyday wear. I spotted this bracelet when I visited her showroom, and it’s been on my list ever since. Okey dokey!

Find them here.

Tabac Candle by L:A Bruket

This scented candle is always on my wishlist. I’m very particular when it comes to scents, and I’m so obsessed with this masculine smell. Plus – I think it just oozes «hygge» haha.

Get Norweigan Hygge here.

The Iconic Chanel Slingback

No wishlist without Chanel: I’ve been having my eyes on the classic slingback for such a long time, but I never seem to track them down in my size. I so want to wear them with my vintage jeans and a huge knit. Fingers crossed my luck will turn soon!

Drool more over them here.

Pernille Teisbaek x Adanola

Christmas is about comfy clothes. I love walking around in the pjs all day, and these are good looking enough to wear outside of the house too!

Find the perfect PJ pants here.

A new (bag) family member

I´m looking to add the perfect little party bag to my collection, and this sequin tote from JW Anderson is just it. I don’t mind adding sequins to my everyday outfits either, so I hope to find this under the tree this year.

Get it here before it’s too late.

Juste un Clou Bracelet by Cartier

The ultimate wish. I know it’s crazy, but I´ve been dreaming of this for so, so long. It’s just the perfect jewellery piece!

Dream more about it here.

Published 30/11/2022

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