Long nails give me energy

Published 12/02/2020
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To anyone who says, “the shoes make the outfit” or “there’s nothing like a good hair day”, I say A FRESH MANI IS EVERYTHING. Long nails do the same thing for me as a good stiletto heel would. They give me female energy in a deliciously tacky and therapeutic way. Don’t laugh, I’m obsessed. Here are some nail KWEENS (apart from Khloé Kardashian) I look to for nail inspo. Scroll the list and book an appointment with your local manicurist. Bye!


Yes, these are blue see-through nails with clouds painted on them, courtesy of Mi-Anne Chan. Obvi, she’s not not a genius. But I expect nothing less from a pERsoN who has aqua colored hair. Mi-Anne’s feed is a great source of inspiration if you are into eyeshadow and general face painting too.


*insert drooling emoji*
If you are at all interested in freckles (and let’s be honest, who isn’t at this point?) and a good manicure, go follow Jessica. Now. Tell her hi.


Ok, so Marianne Theodorsen’s manis are so good they have their own hashtag :)))) #MarianneMani Also, her jewelry is not ugly. I love a hysterical set of nails, so Marianne’s feed is like porn to me. Ready, set, scroll.


I wish I was Anaa Saber. Seriously. This obsession expands beyond manicures.

It me

Could not not put myself on this list. Here’s a picture of my nails as I’m writing this feature, hehe :)))) Mmmmmmm. Considering starting my own hashtag. HMU with your fave manicures in the comment section or DM. Please and thank you.

Published 12/02/2020

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