Linn’s (early) shopping cart for fall 2020

Published 02/09/2020
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Oh jesus. It is like every other fall, I get exhausted of how many tooooo great pieces that are landing in store every other day. Are you like me and feel like you are close to a breakdown every time you step into your closet and feel everything is soooo boring?

But this season I have actually made a plan, I have cleaned my closet for the first time in my life before a season – not when the panic hits me. So me and my wardrobe are sooo ready for a new season to start!

And I have found 6 pieces that will change my season style this year. Here we go!

The threnchcoat of trenchcoats

I don’t think anyone missed this trenchcoat on Instagram last season?

And no, I haven’t let go of it. Surprise!! It is truly THE perfect trenchcoat. I can’t imagine a fall without it. I have never really been a trenchcoat girl, always felt too sophisticated in it. But times are changing, and so have my position for trenchcoats.

Clogs, but as a heel

Or as I prefer to call them: Cleegs.

It is not a surprise a pair of Bottega shoes is on the very top in my shopping cart. It’s like Old Céline, I die for all shoes that Phoebe has ever created. No surprise that Daniel Lee, has taken over the throne of cravings ever since she left Céline.

Yes, cleegs’s are definitely the new thing.

The return of the leather jacket

Have I told you about my relationship with biker jackets? No?

Well, I will now. Me and the biker jacket have had a complicated relationship for quite some years, or more an on and off relationship since high school. Though we have broken up a couple of times, we have always managed to find our ways back together. And now we are there again!!! I always tell my friends “never go back to your ex, its a reason you broke up at the first time”. Well, you live and you learn. RIGHT!!

However, I am crushing on this new kind of leather jacket from Swedish Toteme. Isn’t it the most perfect leather jacket you ever seen???

The answer is yes, yes and yes.

And I might just have ordered it. Hi noodles and water until Christmas.

2020 turtleneck

Not only the leather jacket is having a comeback this fall in my wardrobe, also the turtleneck!! I have always felt very sophisticated (yes you can hear that the sophisticated look wasn’t really my look pre 25 y/o) when wearing a thin turtleneck, but as I am now ticking the 25+ box, I feel the turtleneck came when ticking that box too.

Red riding hood

Jil Sander via Vestiaire Collective

Go bananas

Bottega Veneta

To the moon and back

Marine Serre

The perfect date heel

I have finally found the perfect date heel!!!!! And it is signed by Miista. I want them in all three possible colors. Perfect with light blue denims and an oversize blazer, my numer one favorite date outfit.

Blue ones here.

Orange ones here.

Red ones here.

I need a croissant to carry all my croissants

Well, who doesn’t??? Me and Fanny have referred to “our new fall style” for months now (yes, not my new fall style – it is our new fall style) and this croissant bag from Bottega Veneta have been mentioned in, I think, every third sentence. As the croissants lovers we are it couldn’t be a better bag to bring all our snacks around town in.

If you don’t have 2.800€ to spend rn, here are some really good options:

Be aware, there will be a part two of this list very soon. To be continued.

Published 02/09/2020

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