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Published 22/12/2022
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, right? This morning I was at a cycling class and my instructor said “do you remember when I said in end of August that it will be Christmas eve in just a second?” and it actually feels exactly like that. Jesus, what happened with this autumn. Even if it stressed me out a bit I am even more excited because I am a huge Christmas lover. Not the crazy kind who goes all in for decorations and ornaments, but I love the traditions we have in my family. We watch movies, bake tons of Safran buns and put A LOT of effort and thoughts in our Christmas gifts. My mom asks me for my wish list as early as in beginning of October. So yes, I have been working on this for quite a while now.

Sophie Billie Brahe

Grande Rosette de Perles

I guess everything signed by Sophie Billie Brahe is on my forever wishlist. I literally die for each and single piece. But these big bow earrings make my heart skip an extra beat. I would probably never take them off IF Santa ever reads this wishlist.

Find them here.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Wally Koval collects the world’s most Anderson-like sites in all their faded grandeur and pop-pastel colours, telling the story behind each stranger than-fiction-location. And I would love to spend my last days of 2022 reading and dreaming away to each and every single Wes-place in this book.

Find it at Artilleriet here.

Le Corbusier blanket by Tekla

A while ago Tekla launched a limited collection of voluminous mohair blankets, inspired by modernist architect Le Corbusier each signed with a unique number as part of a limited edition. May I please have a blue one?

Find it here.

Limited Edition Cassina
Nordiska Galleriet

I have written about this piece before here. And I will probably do it again, because it is too good to not. My friends over at Nordiska Galleriet a few times a year, realeses limited editions of Iconic designs. This Maralunga 40 chair from Cassina in silver is a killer. How will I survive without it? Well, I guess I just have to.

The Iconic Coperni Rose Dress

One of many dresses who broke the internet this fall, and has been sold out ever since it landed online. I can really se myself in this one this summer, sipping a Campari Spritz in my summer house garden while waiting for Felix to get ready. You can too, right??

Lucas Göthman Art Work

Since my aunt introduced me to Lucas Göthman many years ago, I have kept an eye on several auction houses to see if any of his work accidentally appear. But no, it seems like it’s not only me who admire the Swedish Artist. But maybe Santa knows a secret way to his studio.

When Attico Serves Zebra

It goes straight to Santas wishlist. I wouldn’t mind matching them to this bikini during my family trip to sunnier desitianion in beginning of next year.

Everything Merci Maison

If you have been following me since beginning of 2022, you probably know me and Felix bought a summer house and been renovating like maniacs since beginning of May. Finally er have come to the part where we can start decorating and I have absolutely started with the most important: the least functional, bust most beautiful, things. Like this daybed from Australian brand Merci Maison. Wouldn’t mind spending my next summer, only sipping campari on ice freshly served from a matching bar cart.

Published 22/12/2022

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