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Is Prada Moon Bag the Next IT Bag?

Published 08/02/2023
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Created with the iconic early 2000 in mind, Prada has released yet another bag that is set up to be the next IT bag, called Moon. But, if you think you recognize this bag, or maybe even seen it before that’s not entirely out of line. Back when released for the first time the Prada Moon bag was called Prada Tessuto Moon and was made out of both leather and the brands iconic nylon. The new Prada Moon bag is described by Prada as a re-imagination of a bag from their archive dating back to the begging of the 21st century but in a more modern manner. The new features on the Moon bag is a more puffy silhouette and buttery leather as well as the handles being a tad shorter. The Moon bag is clearly what Y2K dreams are made of.

Prada Moon bag
Prada Tessuto Moon bag

So how do we know this bag will stand out from all the other bag releases this year? Well, looking at Prada’s collections for the last couple of years the Italian powerhouse has released quite a few re-editions both in the bag and ready-to-wear collections. One of my personal favorites being the 1995 Re-edition, made extra famous by the eternal style icon Carolyn Bessette Kennedy who always could be spotted around the town of New York City carrying her black patent Prada bag.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy with her Prada bag
Prada 1995 Re-Edition
Published 08/02/2023

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