Published 01/09/2021
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Jeans Speak Louder Than Words To Ingrid

Published 01/09/2021
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Photo by Frida Vega

Ingrid Berg launched her own brand IggyJeans and the age of 15. She could not help it, the jeans spoke to her and there was no other way. Today, only a few years later Ingrid describes her universe IggyJeans as a development platform that shapes itself through time.

Ingrid herself grew up in Italy with creativity in her blood. She describes herself as a victim of her interest, fashion. But in a Gen Z way. Ingrid is a part of, and work for, a young generation that are not afraid to invest in reuse and recycle.

Photo by Frida Vega
Photo by Kia Lefwander

What is your first fashion memory?

I grew up in Italy, first Treviso then in Milano. In Treviso I went to a “scuola steiner”, a kind of Waldorf school, where I remember the setting being fairytale like. There was a pink sky in the roof and every child that went there where appointed to be a fruit or a vegetable. I was a mushroom and had a small fly agaric embroidered in all my clothes. Childhood sticks with your relationship to color and shapes.

You were only fifteen when you created your own brand, how did you as a teenager go from idea to reality? 

I have a passion for what I do. I’m driven by curiosity and an immeasurable feeling of wanting to accomplish my ideas in reality.

Did your work choose you, or did you choose your work? 

My work choose me. I can’t help that I like fashion, textiles and art, it’s the jeans that talk to me! I’m really just a victim for my interest. Since it came in to my life from such an early age I have never considered anything else.

What about your design process, how do you work?

It’s not difficult to be creative, anyone can be creative and come up ideas. As soon as you look out your window or watch a movie people will always come up with ideas, it’s something that happens in your brain. I try to be selective with my ideas. What is interesting, what will I actually do, which will I stick to for more than 5 hours. It’s about time, the longer I like something the more time I’m going to give it and the more it’s going to give me in the long term.

How do you keep pushing your designs to develop? 

It’s a natural development. Everybody has inner voices, things in your brain that are not really you. An inner critic that talks to you and says your ideas. I know that when it has talked about an idea a lot that it’s a good idea.

Is it important to have a clear vision, rather than an instinct? 

Often I have an instinct that grows into a clear vision. Instinct is the natural power that creates the driving force to do something and a clear vision is rather what you need to prosecute a project and work properly.


Image Courtesy of Iggy Jeans

If you would look into the future of Iggy Jeans and the Scandinavian fashion scene, what do you see?

Sustainability. The fashion industry may account for up to 10 percent of global greenhouse pollution. We cannot keep on doing like we have done in the past and instead reuse and recycle what we already have on the planet. Economy in the green industry. Slow fashion is the future.page1image380864

Published 01/09/2021

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