I interviewed Linns bag collection

And found out all sorts of crap but I also got some really good stories

Published 04/07/2019
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So first off, aren’t bags like people?? Or at least individuals. I find bags to carry (he he) on more than meets the eye. They are an expression. Think about what bags mean to us. Bags speak without opening their mouths. And it’s only because they don’t have a mouth. Duh.

I wanted to take this one step too far like I do with lots of things. Isn’t that when life gets fun though??? And decided to interview Linn’s bag closet.

Hi pink Chanel beauty, tell me about yourself?

I am a pre-owned Chanel bag in my best (but old) age! I love drinking Aperól Spritz during sunny afternoons, eat long breakfasts with Linns other bag friends and sleep in everyday. During rainy days I rather stay in because it destroys my perfect chain and let’s be real, I am not a young bag any more.

When did you meet Linn for the first time?

In a vintage store in Copenhagen. It was a true love at first sight moment. I know Linn called her mom to tell her she found THE Chanel bag for her, but I could tell in her eyes it was secretly for herself. 

Tell me about an adventure you’ve been on together?

Hmmm… We’ve been on several trips together. As you know I’m not that into colder climate (uugh Sweden) so I my finest memory is when we went to Miami together, that was fun! The last thing I remember from that tequila-day is Fanny throwing up on the beach, just before lunch the day after. Me and Fannys cute ATP Atelier bag stayed in together the night after.

“…Linn called her mom to tell her she found THE Chanel bag for her, but I could tell in her eyes it was secretly for herself”

Howdy Straw market bag, how are you today?

I’m very good thank you! Been on the beach all day with Linn, and tonight I think we’re going for Pizza in town. Can’t complain at all!!

What’s the best outfit you’ve been involved with?

Hmmm… As I’m a real beach girl, I love when Linn brings me into fancier contexts. So when I was teamed up wit her amazing Dolce&Gabbana dress, it was a dream come true. I felt like a princess all night! 

Where did you go next?

I’m not really a party animal but the night was wild. We went down for one beer that turned into seven on the pier here in Torekov, where we’re staying during summer vacation. I loved it!! I got the chance to chat with other straw bags too. I can tell you it’s a hell of a party for straw bags like us here this season!

Is life a beach or what, baby Jacquemus bag?

Oh you tell me Fanny. Life is a completely never ending beach, isn’t it!? 

Are you more of a city vacation girl or a full on beach woman?

I would say I prioritize never ending beach club days, preferably in Saint Tropez. I love the bag watching there, it’s amazing! Soooo many pretty friends to look out for. But I could never say no to a weekend in Paris or Barcelona. It’s a tie, don’t make me choose.

You favorite destination?

Saint Tropez! But this summer I am spending most of my time in Torekov where you can find me sipping Spritz’s the other straw bags by the ocean.

Hey party girl (or do you prefer being called Fendi Baguette??) have a second?

Oh, just a quick one then! I’m busy working on my tan lines here. 

Tell me about the best party you’ve ever been to?

Hard to choose one, I love to join Linn on parties! But the most recent one was Linns cousin’s graduation party two weeks ago. It was crazy!!! 1500 persons in tuxedo and the more beautiful dress than the other. It was in heaven!! But I must say, I’ve attended tons of good house parties with Linn, she and her friends are crazy. This last one was during Midsummer especially! For three days they celebrated Midsummer, Christmas and threw a hell of an after-ski party. Of course I was the life of the party.

Favorite drink? And where are you having it?

They say you become who you hang out with. And in my case that’s Linn and Fanny. So it’s Aperól Spritz for sure!!! Maybe a tequila shot or two when it gets a bit fuzzy. If I could choose anywhere in the world, Café Victor in Copenhagen is on top of my list.

You haven’t been around for so long, Purple Chanel bag, but give me some juicy details from your life?

It’s almost half a year now, but it feels like a decade. Don’t tell the other ones, but I am by far Linn’s favorite bag. She told me that a couple of weeks ago after a juicy night out with Fanny. But as Samantha says at Carrie Bradshaws wedding, “best friends never kiss and tell”. So the juicy details, I’ll keep in my inner pocket.

Have you ever been embarrassed of Linn?

No not really, she’s a hell of a fun girl. I’ve been with here during a couple of dates that has been awkward, and it’s not like I can bale, but otherwise no. Oh wait! Linn brought me to a karaoke night in a nightclub in Åre this Easter holiday with her friends. And let me tell you this, no margaritas in the world will make Linn (nor her friends) the next Beyoncé. It was painful. But kinda fun.

What’s you worst memory?

Linn once packed me in one of her suitcases when she traveled to Italy and me and the bag got lost from her for three days. I’ve never been so scared in my entire. But we got reunited, what a blessing! And lesson learned, from now on I am traveling in the cabin with her, no matter what.

Published 04/07/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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