I am kind of ready for checkered flanell and leather blazers

Published 31/07/2019
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Same thing, every year. The urge to switch from dreamy summer days filled of doing nothing and rosé to go with that to busy autumn days with a ful schedule and a social life that’s not you talking to your dog. Right? Well, I might not be there quite yet, but I might be soon with a wardrobe to go with it.

The autumn boots

Nothing says fall like really (really) good boots. That’s one thing I am sure of.

This fall I am all about the square toes. I feel very finished with everything pointy, I need all toes on boots to be square.

Also I need everything to be in pyhton. Fake obviously. But still. So these from Miista I could not wait for colder days to wear. Luckily they go effing great with dresses and bare legs too.

Boots, Miista.

Checkered flanell

Ok, so I know that checkered flanell shirts feels super far away right now, but soon everyone’s gonna be like “oh checkered flanell, that’s so now”. So, checkered flanell. Is it even autumn without checkered flanell?

This little shacket (that’s shirt + jacket if you did not know) is on my wishlist. Can be buttoned in all sorts of ways I believe, since it’s Balenciaga. But I’d love to wear it with shirts with shorts and flip-flops in September and layered with a denim jacket in October.

Checkered flanell shirt, Balenciaga.

Back to (after) work dress

This dress from Miu Miu Pre Fall 19 is the perfect not really autumn but at the same time not really summer dress. Also, it’s super up-tight which is just what I always want after three months of loose fit outfits.

I’d say I want to style it just like in the campaign above but am I ready for knee high socks? Am I? It’s not that far a step from my regular high dork socks.

The thing that makes me consider it is Muiccia Prada herself, she always looks so chic in knee high socks.

Good thing I have another month to think about this.

Dress, Miu Miu.

What more shoes?

Well duh. Autumn is the season for new shoes. And as I said earlier in this article I am dying for square toes. But as I started researching for this piece I realized I am not only dying for square toes on boots but really on all shoes. So, these brown strap sandals are on my list too.

Maybe I can wear them with knee high socks?

Greater than denim?

I love workwear and cargo, always have always will. There is something so feminist about old workwear on women.

This upcoming season, Prada showed a lot of workwear and I can only put hands it the air and beg my credit card to behave.

Cargo pants, Prada.

I am not ready for the summer of hats to be over

I am so not ready. I need the hats to stay when the summer leaves. Just like you wished the cat at your childhood country house would.

My dream autumn hat is this flower one. Imagine it with a cool blazer, vintage denim and some boots. Or with a thick stripe knit and oversized chinos and sneakers.

Hat, La Veste.

Photo: Josefinehj

Ok, so this is not quite new in stores, but new to my mind, so I though to myself it would count. I am on the hunt for a leather blazer right now. Even if I am sitting in 30 degrees and writing this, sweating like a true crazy person. My dream purchase is a vintage Gucci one, although I need it to be very over-size.

Gucci via Vestiaire Collective

Gucci via Vestiaire Collective

Gucci via Vestiaire Collective

Gucci via Vestiaire Collective

Published 31/07/2019

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