How to stay cool when traveling very (VERY) light

Let’s take it from the beginning.

As it might have passed you, I’ve been down in the deepest deserts of Nambia for the past eight days. If not, now you know that valuable information (or not). However, the travel agency told us to only bring ONE soft bag á 15kg. You’ve should have seen my face when I received that information. Fanny laughed so much she almost peed her pants. Because I am a person who travels with two large suitcases just for one week. And that’s only because I’m terrible of making decisions of what to bring or not. So I make it easy by bringing it all.

Shirt, Sand. Skirt, Gucci. Socks, Happy socks. Sandals, Uniqlo. Bag, Chanel.

So let’s see how I got my shit together.


I’m turning into a dress girl? How the fudge did that happen? From being a total tomboy (I’ve only felt comfy in t-shirts and jeans until now). But I discovered there are 2736 of ways to wear a dress (!) and that they go for dinner, traveling, going for safari or running between flights. And how awesome isn’t that, it’s like you are bringing your whole (imaginary) walk-in.

From left. Valentino, Attico and Attico.

I have four dresses I always bring. I bring them with me on ski trips, city weekends and summer vacations. Two from Attico, one from Loewe and last but not least from Valentino. All light weighted, really soft materials and easy to layer up with. I’ll show you.

Dress, Loewe. Headband, Prada. Sandals, Uniqlo. Socks, Happy socks.

And socks in sandals works with everything, right Fanny?

Perfect traveling outfit?

Especially when traveling to warmer destinations. Pants are warm, heavy and leaves me a claustrofobic feeling sometimes. Add a hoodie and sneakers and you are as cool traveler you can be.

Hoodie, Weekday. Dress, Valentino. Hat, Prada. Sneakers, Balenciaga.

“Linn, you dress is completely see through. And you have black panties.”

Here’s an idea for you! Beach dresses for dinner. I really prefer wearing black underwear under a bit see through beach dress. I friend sneaked up to me last summer when wearing this amazing Lisa Marie Fernandez dress and said “Linn, you dress is completely see through. And you have black panties.” I loved it. So basically two in one, beachwear with bikini and flipflops. Party wear with black underwear and strappy heels.

Dress Lisa Marie Fernandez and sunnies Chloé.

The candy shirts

Blouse, Vintage. Shorts, Beyond Retro. Bag, Fendi. Heels, The Row.

Shirt Sand and Skirt Gucci

I have one rule when it comes to packing, or it goes for my entire style really. No black pieces. It has to be in pattern or at least four other colors, haha. That’s why I love shirts so much, I wear them as they are or layer them on top of one another. They are statement pieces however I choose to wear them. And we all love statement wearing, no?

But my very best tip when it comes to shirts or blouses is to bring one with tons of ruffles. My number 1 is from Dolce&Gabbana (stole it from my mom and now she’s forgot about it) and I wear it under everything. Swimsuits, my Attico dresses, t-shirts – basically every outfit that needs a little extra sparkle. A true must in every light weighted bag.

Blouse, Dolce & Gabbana. Swimsuit, Calzedonia

All kinds of sportswear

You think I’ve been to the gym here right? No no. Sportswear dosen’t really need to be for workouts! I always have a thought about going to the gym when traveling but 9/10 times I end up with my mom in the bar or oversleep my alarm in the morning. Anyway, the idea is good. Better to use them all day long instead, with a shirt and a swim suit for example.

Shirt, Balenciaga
Swimsuit, Calzedonia
Shorts, Balenciaga
Socks. Happy socks
Sunnies, Chimi
Sneakers, Balenciaga

And for dessert we’re serving…


You must agree that a scarf is by far the best accessory in the world. I can’t name a single accessory that is more versatile, can you? Not to talk about how little space scarves take. Perfect when you have 100% limited space. These are my top three ways to use the

1 To give my bags new seat belts for the night
2 As a SPF for my hair (or look like an easter witch)
3 Or just like a ski bum, around the neck.

Published 30/05/2019

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