Sunny of House of Sunny: We never want to do too much clothes

House of Sunny popped up in my IG feed one day and ever since then I have been dying to know more about this British indie brand. I met Sunny of House of Sunny in Paris for the first time and we got to talking about, not only the upcoming FW19 collection (which is amazing btw), but also about how to start a fashion brand in a world where we produce too much and care too little. I instantly knew I wanted to feature him and his clothes and entire universe once Hobnob was up and running.

Fanny wearing the Americana top and Motif wide leg denim.

FE Sunny! It was so lovely to meet you during Paris Fashion week this spring, I’ve been following you for quite some time. Can you tell me more about House of Sunny?
S Sure, what a dream to meet you too. House of Sunny is more than ready-to-wear, it’s a crafted staple of the moment with a feeling that lasts. 

FE Where does your love for design come from? What did you do before starting House of Sunny?
S I never did anything else, I started planning this when I was a very young boy. The goal was to build something, craft something and I always loved clothes and styling them to create different points of views. I was always inspired by culture and subcultures. 

“I never did anything else, I started planning House of Sunny when I was a young boy”

FE What was your biggest fears when starting House of Sunny?
S I try not to have so much fear, as I think that adds negativity to what you are doing. Try to sugar coat things and focus, then you can overcome all the scary moments.

FE I love that your clothing is very feminine and effortless, what inspires you your design process?
S I’m just trying to make cool clothes my girlfriends and audience will dig. What I do is a reflection of the early adopters that inspire me, you’re one of them!

Linn wearing the Floral bandana & hotpants

FE Well, thank you so much. Why is East London the perfect home for House of Sunny? 
S It’s actually a home to many of the tailors and old fashion sample rooms. THE EAST END! The rage trade, the fabrics merchants! We are stooped in history here, but at the same time we are the new generation. 

FE I feel like you don’t create collections like most brands, instead you make a few very curated drops every season, why is that? 
S We never want to make too much clothes. Mass production is so bad for the environment, and the large companies who produce those volumes end up putting things on sale for 40% of the season! Horrid! I prefer sacred drops where you have to fight to get the pieces you want!

“We never want to make too much clothes”

FE When we met during Paris Fashion Week this spring we talked a lot about how you are a very small team working together at House of Sunny, how do you manage to run a business that demands so much structure and administration, but still keep it so creative when there are so few people involved? I feel like that’s a big struggle for small brands nowadays.
S It’s insanely hard, It’s my life, HOUSE OF SUNNY is LIFE, and nature finds a way! Time management and a beautiful and creative team helps the engine streamlined and pure. 

Fanny wearing the Americana top.

FE Looking at your Instagram feed and website, you have a very defined fanbase, tell me how you work with your community? 
S At the moment, we try to keep it to friends and inspiring people. We don’t gift and send out volumes, but we do share our things with true true true people who we love and are inspired by.

FE If you could give yourself an advise as a seventeen year old, what would it be?
S FOLLOW your GUT! It’s often the right way to go. 

Linn wearing the Cali cotton top.

Fanny wearing the Micro reptile sweater.

Follow House of Sunny on Instagram and experience their universe here.

House of Sunny

House of Sunny

House of Sunny

House of Sunny

House of Sunny

House of Sunny

House of Sunny

Published 07/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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