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Published 04/12/2022
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Every week Hobnob serves you our favorite looks from the previous week in cyberspace on a large plate. How about being pants less for appetizers, full denim look as main course and really big diamonds for dessert? The chefs are Europes favorite content creators, LA-based models, and our all forever Danish influencers.

Miss. Pantsless

Elsa Hosk’s darling Helsa keeps on delivering great products and even greater styling. Here’s the iconic look á la Kendall Jenner with high briefs and stockings, what makes me wish I didn’t live in Stockholm these days.

Pink + Blue = Forever

Loving this look on my long time darling Blanca Miró, mixing pink and blue with a touch of light denim really got me going. Time to find all these pink pieces again.

Full Denim is always a great idea

I have tried to find the perfect denim skirt for a while now without any success, but when Emili’s full Miu Miu look passed in my feed I re-evaluated my idea of the perfect denim skirt. Maybe this is the one?

Festive Season with Paco Rabanne?

Another style icon of mine, Lissabon based Mafalda Patrició, is the leader (at least in my feed) of bringing unexpected outfit combinations and eye openers. Here giving me major inspiration to bring my old Paco Rabane dress back to life again.

Sunset coming in hot

I have had this bikini on my mind since the end of summer 2022, but couldn’t really motivate getting it as the season was almost over. But now when Sara reminded me of its existence (and obv looking absolutely smashing in it) I think I have to get it for our trip to Maldives in a couple of weeks, indeed?

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

There is no brand I admire as much as Sophie Billie Brahe, I love everything from her private universe to her iconic and unique designs. If I only could wear one jewelry brand for the rest of my life if would definitely be Sophie Billie Brahe.

Shades of Blue

Speaking of denim and blue’s, Leia’s effortless city look in full blue tones is definitely one for the archive to bring back when the freezing Stockholm season is over in a couple of months… what feel more like years these days.

Published 04/12/2022

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