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GANT are Auctioning out Original Archive Pieces and We are Here For It

Published 20/02/2020
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February 14th GANT launched their 7 Rules for a more sustainable relationship to your closet. The rules are simple and really not rules, but more guiding steps and responsibilities each and everyone of us need to make and take under consideration as consumers.

The fashion industry’s environmental impact isn’t something any of us can deny or want to deny for that matter. All we can do is change our behavior. Instead of looking at what fashion can do for you, look at what you can do for fashion. Can you challenge your shopping behavior and the way you look at the clothes already hanging in your closet.

7 Rules of GANT

1. Refresh

Making clothes last over seasons and in extension years isn’t only about investing smart. It’s also about taking care of what you got. Keep your favorite pieces fresh longer by follow the washing instructions, not hang them on metal hangers and not hang knitted pieces at all for example.

2. Repair

Repair! Your clothes! Don’t toss bc of a hole or a stain. If you couldn’t get a new one, what would you do? Our parents parents patched and repaired clothes until they literary fell apart. Why do our generation feel like we are entitled to new things all the time?

3. Reuse

This is so given to us as Hobnob promotes buying vintage over new in almost every article but we can’t stress this enough. Reuse your garments, from party dresses to knits and make sure you look one step farther when investing in new pieces. Maybe you can get it second hand or vintage?

This is also whereGANT’s Iconic Auction comes in.

Through Ebay and for Charity GANT will open their archives to the consumers by selling 14 of their most iconic pieces. This is to inspire with our old classics and elevated pieces, to prove the durability and design that lasts for decades and give some of GANT’s timeless archive pieces a new life by giving consumers the chance to buy them.

And the pieces?

Timeless, iconic pieces that elevates any modern preppy wardrobe. Classic GANT pieces that never goes out of style and will last a lifetime as long as you look after them.

For a chance at making one of these 14 vintage items your own, simply visit the auction and bid hard (and hope that you win).

Click here to get to the auction.

4. Rent

Maybe you don’t have to own everything you wear, have you ever thought about that? In May GANT are launching the possibility of renting a full GANT looks in selected stories.

5. Regive

Regive as in compensate with the water what you waste. No joke that the fashion industry waste a lot of water when producing clothes.GANT are taking action to do what they can to conserve and protect this precious resource. As part of this commitment, GANT are donating to WaterAid, a non-governmental organisation focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene.

6. Remake

When a garment isn’t doing it for you anymore, remake it.

Please ask my mom how many pair of jeans I have made into shorts and how many jackets that I’ve magically turned into vests.

7. Recycle

Recycling clothes should be just as natural as recycling plastic bottles.

Starting November you can bring all your worn out clothes to any GANT store and get them recycled.

Monica Geller once said that rules are good, rules helps control the fun. And in terms of fashion, the fun that are being controlled are us getting more than we actually need.

But the real fun starts when you get creative with what you got.

Published 20/02/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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