I am Going All-in With Color Paletting This Fall

Published 03/08/2020
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Yes, that is true. I have fall(en) for a new look. If mixing stripes and checks was my go-to-look this spring, my go-to-look this fall will be full colored looks. I really believe that’s the new thing, ever since I saw this video of Hanna I have been totally inspired of it. But maybe my look will be less red, and more a full blue, or a totally yellow one. Time will definitely tell.

Ready to see some first drafts of potential looks?

Well, here we go.

Bright blue

Bright blue is definitely working on a strong comeback in my wardrobe. Or is it more a pool blue color? Can’t really decide, but I do really like it. I think it was my Bottega heels that opened my eyes for that color again. When I started digging in my closet I realized I had some really great pieces in this bright blue/turquoise/pool colored shade of blue. Can’t wear it with a tan and an Aperol Spritz at our summer house in Italy next week.

Are you with me here?

Skirt, Miu Miu
Shirt, Hjosberg
Heels, Bottega Veneta

And how about you, pastel green?

“Well, I have been in the shadow of yellow for quite some time now.”

I can agree on that.

Green, and pastel green, have absolutely been standing in the shadow too long now. Its time for its comeback. I bought this Acne suit this spring and discovered pastel green works with everything.

Like literally e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

I also found these Prada satin culottes for almost nothing at Ebay, and isn’t this a look or WHAT. I also believe the culottes (or pirate pants as my mom say) are on their way back too. But that’s another topic.

Wear your greens, end of message.

Hi Yellow

Might be the it-color of this year??? You don’t have to answer that. It’s a fact. Yellow have really grown on me though, ever since I decided to paint our bedroom ceiling in a sunny (very Italian) kind of yellow I want to have it everywhere. Yesterday I even bought matching curtains, haha.

And now I can’t feel more comfortable as I do when wearing any other color as I do when wearing yellow. It goes really well with a late summer tan too?

Full leather look, Remain Birger Christensen
Shoes, The Row

Pink is still hanging around

Even if yellow is yellow, who can say no to a patent trenchcoat in pink?? Well, I definitely can’t. Even more difficult when it’s signed by Danish outerwear queens Catherine Saks and Barbara Potts. Caught this on dream on sale a couple of weeks ago, and lets just say – I have never longed for fall to arrive more than I do right now.

I do not apologize for that.

Hat, Arket
Jacket, Saks Potts


ordered with a side of giant hat

Coat, Saks Potts
Hat, Miu Miu
Slippers, Old Céline

Hats are always a great side order to any outfit that is served.

But I am not here to talk about my giant hat, it deserves its own stage. However, as you know black has never been a good friend of mine. I have always felt very lost in my personality when wearing black (isn’t that weird how colors and clothes affects you & how it makes you feel? I have always been very fascinated of that.)


I have re-discovered black. Yes, call the newspapers! It’s out!! It only took me 10 years and the perfect leather coat. Yes another great sale catch. I present to you (again): Saks Potts. This coat its literally the perfect mix of all coats I have. Trench with a wide belt, ancle length and not so soft in the leather. Which means it will not loose shape by time, as leather often does.

Light purple (with a touch of Orange)

Yes its officially confirmed – full leather looks will continue to be the stars in my wardrobe even this fall. Maybe not a surprise by now, but it’s true. When my yellow look here above will be too cold to wear in (not so) exotic Sweden this dark pink/purple set from danish brand Hosbjerg will be the perfect upgrade. Indeed? Also that it is doubled colored makes it even more fun.

Leather look, Hosbjerg
Tank top, Toteme
Clogs, Celine

See you in September, now I am going back to enjoy the last days of flip-flip mode. Hasta la vista baby!

The full story is shot by Annica Eklund on Polaroid and analog film.

Published 03/08/2020

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