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Blanca Miró x Reserved

I have always been a fan of Blanca and her work. Her universe is like a dream you never want to wake up from, and I am constantly fascinated over where she finds her inspiration to all the creative and, sometimes, weird ideas. It’s really a skill to find the balance in playfulness, without being too childish or too serious. In my opinion, who sometimes struggle with that, think she is a creative genius within this field who constant masters to keep this balance instant. When I found out she planned something creative with Reserved I immideatly put my alarm for the launch day, which is today, and I am surely not disappointed.

Dreaming in vintage

“I knew they wanted me to create a capsule collection for Reserved because they really loved my universe and I could see that from the first conversations. It was very important for me to feel that we were aligned and that I had the freedom to create and design what was in my mind. The process was long, but every step was worth it. I’ve also learned a lot with this collaboration, and I am very proud of the result.“

Blanca Miró

“I’m always true to my own style, my principles and my values. It is important to do my something that will motivate med, something I can identify with. And that’s exactly what happened Resvered.”

– Blanca Miró

All images and text are courtesy of Reserved.

Published 28/10/2022

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