Every trend worth talking about on NYFW

New York fashion week is in full spin and every designer, editor and influencer are bringing heir A game. We are on our way to do a list over our favorite shows from the NYFW SS2020 but first, let’s have a look at every trend worth mentioning off the streets.

Published 11/09/2019
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Pretty Big Blazers

So the very oversize blazers are not done in context of fashion week. I would say they are everywhere more than ever. At one point I actually found myself thinking, is this blazer out walking this lady or is this fabulous lady walking the blazer.

But that’s how I like my blazers. Big enough to fit both me and Linn.

Image: Chloemonchamp
Image: Manrepeller
Image: Josefinehj

Leather weather

That’s funny because it’s not true. New York looks boiling hot but people are fighting to look cool in leather. That’s determination. I love it. I can really relate. Fashion brings all kind of strong minded people together.

Image: Janwonders
Image: Hannamw


Image: Tiffanyhsu

So Bottega Veneta gets its own category because oh my god. Call be Chandler Bing but could the hype around Bottega Veneta be any bigger?

Image: Louloudesaison



We did write about the appearance of the vests a while back, on Copenhagen Fashion Week to be exact. But here they are again. Too obvious not to get a mention in this story.

I feel like I am here for it though. The vests I mean. So practical. So made for layering. So not cool they are cool. Like everything else these days. Wow are we gonna look back on this era and wonder what we were doing.

Just black (!)

It’s like fashion week 2009 all over again. Everybody’s wearing black and it looks.So.Cool.

Did not see this coming. I haven’t been wearing black since well, 2009.

Image: Manrepeller

Image: Sophiaroe
Image: Lisaolsson
Published 11/09/2019

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