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Eldorado Is Launching Logo Stockings

Published 07/05/2020
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In board rooms (or really, zoom rooms) all over the globe today, one question is being asked more frequently than others: how do we as a brand break through the noise? The answer is a tough one, since it literally changes from day to day. If you want to make a successful brand activation, what is the recipe for success? Many have tried and an equal amount have failed. Let’s just say, some cookies have come out of the fashion oven half baked. But from a journalist and end costumer’s point of view, I have found one ingredient to be key in every good marketing batter: humor. 

So, when Eldorado asked us to shoot their latest project, we just could not say no. We needed to be a part of what they were up to, and at the same time – try our own cookie recipe! 

Food brand Eldorado was always present in the pantry of my childhood. But it wasn’t until they made the journey from canned mussels to resort wardrobe that they really caught my eye. Bc that’s what they did, you know?

Sounds crazy, but if you really think about it – the worlds of fashion and food isn’t that far apart.

The way I see it, merch is the breadbasket of fashion: it has always been there, and you wouldn’t want to be without it. But with that being said, it’s not really the highlight of the meal. Another similarity is also that it has had its ups and downs popularity wise (you know since gluten is the devil these days). 
As we all know, fashion is not always easy to keep up with. Like ‘wait, do we appreciate Balenciaga hoodies even though they are only one big logo, to the price of a small country?’ And if we do like them, are we being serious or ironic? But the even bigger question is, would it be the same hype if your hoodie (or your stockings) didn’t say Balenciaga… but Eldorado? *que gasp*

Eldorado has put that theory into practice and let me just say, when the hip kids in this town stopped wearing Balenciaga, they started wearing Eldorado. 

But let’s get back to the moment when we said yes to doing a shoot with Eldorado’s new products. Because not only are they cool and highlight the brand in a fun but not trying-too-hard-kind of way, they are also limited edition. When this recipe is followed to the letter, you what comes out of the oven? These gorgeous pair of stockings.

The launch of the Eldorado stockings is the fourth release of merchandise from the brand. Up until now, the selection has included staples featuring their most popular products. They have all been delicious tributes to ugly x-mas sweaters and tacky vacation wear, and as you can imagine, they have all been very successful. I still love my canned smoked mussels bucket hat. Very much.

Published 07/05/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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