Did I Just Catch Myself Cheating on Purple with Yellow?

Published 05/05/2020
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I do think so.

Yes you read right. It is true.

Normally, I want everything in purple. Dresses, plates, sheets, flowers, my Utrecht chair – yes you name it. I even painted my bedroom in our summerhouse in the brightest lavendel color I could find (proof here).

I also wanted our home office in Stockholm to be purple (and red though), but my bf said straight no. And as I have decided basically everything else in that apartment, I had to give in to that fact that he maybe does not like that color as much as I do.

However. We have changed our quarantine location to our summer house to stay away from the city as long as we can. And when I unpacked my suitcase, I realized I only packed yellow stuff. Or at least with some yellow touches or details, but it was for sure a yellow thread through my entire suitcase. Where were all the purple stuff I love?? Am I cheating on purple with yellow now??? Jesus. What is happening. And yes, I realized I really do.

The blazer dress

I think this The Frankie Shop blazer dress has come to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I saw this picture on trés cool Chloé last fall, and thought about since then. And when I found it at a bargain price at N-a-P I couldnt resist. But it took me a while to like it, bc I couldn’t really find an occasion to wear it. But know I have found out it is such a fun piece to have in the closet, suddenly it is so easy to style and in so many ways.

Per example:

1. With high socks and a pair of sneakers
2. With light blue jeans and heels
3. No pants and just a pair of flipflops

Dress, The Frankie Shop
Shirt, JW Anderson
Socks, H&M
Sneakers, Salomon

But it is all in the details, right?

At least if they are yellow. No matter where I go, this dress always comes with me. Sometimes I don’t even notice I bring it or pack it. If it doesn’t save my ass, it always saves any of my friends ass. The shape fits anybody, the pouffy arm makes you feel cute and the color combination makes you feel cool. The ultimate wardrobe savior. Almost like the little black dress, but the Danish version.

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen
Vest, Arket
Necklace, Chanel

Yellow dipping

Ok, I maybe did not bring these pants from home. I stole them from my moms wardrobe. But she brought them, and I couldn’t keep my (yellow) mind off them so they had to move over to my wardrobe. So basically I brought them.

What made me love them so much is that them reminds me of an ice cream. Bc I can’t eat ice cream (probably the only person in the world who doesnt like ice cream) so they are for me the perfect substitute.

And a new love color combo of mine: bright yellow together with old school brown.

Jacket, Second hand
Tank top, H&M
Denim, MSGM

From dipping to stepping

I ofc forgot all my favorite shoes. But I managed to bring these lost bad boys.

Thank god for that, because I realized how much I have missed them. You know when you buy a pair of shoes and love them so so much, but doesn’t really want to wear them too frequent bc you are too afraid to tear on them. Yes? No? That’s however how I feel with these ones.

They do have to see the sunlight more often, I agree. They are too good to not be seen in public!

But I have to talk about another thing too.

Teal socks!! In summer sandals, or sneakers, this time of the year. Then it’s 100% possible to wear no pants 1 month earlier.

I promise. It works.

Maybe we should do an editorial to show you some examples how to pull it? Or how not to pull it? Haha.

Top and skirt, Cecilie Bahnsen
Kicks, Balenciaga
Sunglasses, Acne Studios

Next yellow one on the hook

Have you read Cassie’s article about Hobnobs best tips about how to get around when second hand shopping?

If not, read it here bc it’s great.

Because, what I am talking about over there, is how I managed to get my hands on this amazing yellow catch. The story is that I was second hand hunting with Fanny, as pers always. And, surprisingly, that is also my number one tip when second hand shopping – to bring a buddy who knows what you are looking for. It’s fun bc me and Fanny basically loves all the same clothes, but we almost never go for the same things when we are out searching and shopping.

However. Fanny found this dress for me when we were at Beyond Retro in Stockholm pre Corona times. And I am so happy for that, can’t wait to wear it and not to freeze my ass off.

Dress, Second hand
Clogs, Dior
Necklace, Chanel

Swedish summer nights

As known as wearing no pants and layering all warm sweaters and jackets you have.

Dress, Toteme (via Vallgatan12)
Sweaters, Acne
Ballerina, COS

Earrings, Chanel

Speaking of summer dresses, this is another new favorite of mine for the season. I got it for my cousins graduation, but as you all probably already know, all graduations (at least in Sweden) are cancelled. But sometimes good stuff comes out of the bad, now I have my midsummer outfit ready. Probably have to wear it like this as its always 9 degrees and rain in Sweden. But would rather wear it like Sarah does here, and keep wearing it with this amazing old Acne Studios sweater until then.

As I wrote before, yellow and brown is really my new color crush.

Styling, Me
Photograph, Annica Eklund
Retouch, Åsa Eriksson

Published 05/05/2020

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