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Published 04/03/2020
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It can be hard getting out of bed in the beginning of the week, I know. Therefore I will tell you all about what to listen to, watch and read this week to get inspired af. First up is one of my all time favorites:

Listen to the conversations HERE.

Vanessa Wants To Know

With guests like Phillip Lim, Sophia Roe and many more – Vanessa Hong has discussions about diversity, the environment, entrepreneurship and other truly important subjects that not only Vanessa Wants To Know. Because We Want To Know, too.

Your next Favorite Instagram account
(you’re welcome, none stranger)

We’re not Really Strangers quickly became one of my favorite Instagram accounts a few months ago. Founded by Koreen, its cyber presence has been everywhere making us look at and think about emotions in a totally different way. Quotes for inspiration and questions to reflect upon. Yes, we’re here for it.

Image via Koreen

Founded by Julia Dang and Micky Ho


Using 100% deadstock sourced material when making their clothes, DANG STHLM is really worth your (our) attention. If you want to invest in sustainable pieces – this is your gold cave.

“So what is deadstock? The same way thrifting is a sustainable way of shopping to minimize waste as an end consumeer, sourcing deadstock is like thrifting for the fashion industry. Deadstock fabric is waste or leftover fabrics from suppliers or factories that no longer have use for them. Usually these rolls are thrown in landfills and some brands even burn their leftover fabric.” – DANG STHLM


Image via Chan.

Season three just launched!! You’ll find the show here.

Jada Pinkett Smith, along with her daughter Willow, and mother Gammy – open up their home for a series of candid conversations with family and friends about really interesting and eye-opening topics. I’ve been binge watching the entire series and you should, too.

It’s sooo interesting seeing how coming from different generations and experiences makes them view things differently as well as them giving each other (and us) new ways of thinking and resonating. I always feel inspired after watching them.

Published 04/03/2020

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