“Buying Céline is like buying art.”

Published 21/02/2023
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I’m writing this article in my hotel room in Rome. My husband and I arrived yesterday to celebrate my birthday, and if the world would be perfect, I’d go to Céline today to buy myself a present. I would go for jewellery, probably. Or a new bag. That’s what I actually did in 2015 when I turned 24. I came to Rome with a specific goal to buy Céline Classic Box bag in camel color.

I entered Céline boutique on Via Condotti and imagine my disappointment when they told me there was not even one bag in camel color in whole Italy. Then imagine my excitement when after 10 minute search they were able to locate a black bag (the last one!) in Venice and organise a transfer to Rome.

Three days later I spent the biggest amount of money I’ve ever spent on one piece. I’ve already owned three Céline bags by that time, but they were bought on resale (who remembers shopping on Ebay?). Buying Classic Box in the Céline boutique was something new, and that’s why Rome takes a very special place in my heart. 

I started shopping on resale 10 years ago and my first purchase was Céline Luggage bag in black leather. I was obsessed with that bag. When it arrived from Miami I put it on my bed and just stared at it for hours. A year before my friend made a small ceramic copy of it as a birthday present and I couldn’t believe it finally materialised

Buying Céline (pre-loved and new) grew to be a life long relationship with deep understanding and the highest level of trust. Every piece turns out so much better in real life, the cut is amazing, fabrics – exquisite, details – intricate. Phoebe’s clothes make me feel more me, that’s how I want the world to see me.

Also I need to add that I have a collectors gene. I love collecting! I feel devoted, I adore the process of searching, the excitement of finding, the contentment of buying. And most importantly – the feeling of owning and wearing.

Sometimes I shop with other brands like Jil Sander, Loewe, Toteme, The Row, but it feels too easy. With Céline I can’t plan or predict. I bought two impossible to find wrap dresses in black cotton and beige linen for amazing prices but couldn’t find Delivery sneakers in my size for months. I bought camel Big Bag in Céline boutique for $2500 and a year later found a black one for $300. I bought two my most covetable cashmere sweaters in one month after spending years of tracking them down. But my most favourite story would be finding crystal velvet dress for $50. Previous owner did something to the crystals and most of them fell off. She sent me the dress and the crystals separately, and I spent an evening glueing them back. Some were lost, but not that many. RRP for that dress was $5000.

Sometime buying Céline is like buying art. That’s how I feel about my white rubber Planet boots. I don’t wear them a lot, but they have their own place in my apartment.

My friend asked me recently if I have a goal with this collection. By now I have acquired a lot of pieces that I really wanted to have and to wear, but still I have some hunting to do. I want to source as much Céline jewelry as possible, though some pieces are so hard to find! I was super lucky to buy one of 98 Céline ceramic eggs that were hand made in Limoges, France, and my number is 52. I asked around what was the story behind the egg, and found out that the idea was about egg being a symbol for life and fertility and being ultimately about femininity. They wanted to have an element that was weird but also familiar as a styling object to break an otherwise quite simple silhouette. Knowing these details definitely add value and emotional connection to the piece. It makes you feel like a member of a club.

That being said, I love being a part of Céline community. I’ve met incredible people, both online and offline, who share not only the same love for Céline, but just see world in very similar way. Phoebe created a philosophy and you can instantly recognise it.

And just yesterday, we all found out that the first Phoebe Philo collection would be released September, 2023. Isn’t it the perfect way to finish my story? I just can’t wait.

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Published 21/02/2023

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