Making a case for pants

Bottoms up!

I’m guessing that you of course already read Linn’s fabulous article about the dresses and that no pants were needed. As much as I agree with her, I though I would challenge my *all about dresses* mind and show you some pants (and a skirt!) that are screaming my name, begging me to buy them.

The unexpected but oh so sweet

Have you ever though to yourself “Oh I really need to own a pair of deconstructed dark denim with a naked purple fella on them?” Me neither. Thats what’s so fun with this thing we call work aka Fashun. I first stumbled upon these pants on instagram and I was sold. immediately.

Pants, Nafsika Skourti

Leggings as pants? GROUNDBREAKING!

The maxi leggings

Leggings as pants? GROUNDBREAKING! No but really. I would wear these leggings as pants, to dresses, to shirts, to everything really. I would basically wear the hell out of these leggings.

Leggings, Acne Studios.

Bleach baby bleach

Ganni leave me NO CHOICE but to add these amazing bleached wide denim pants to my list of pants that are begging me to buy them. Can you imagine how much doggy treats and other staff that won’t fit in your mini mini bag, that you can fit into those big hiking inspired pockets??

Pants, Ganni

The skirt that can also be a pair of shorts but mostly attract me because of the stripes and the asymmetric shape

Here I am rambling on about pants when SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Or is it here already? Either way, I would absolutely LOVE to welcome the most welcomed season of them all in this skirt that can also be a pair of shorts-garment.

Skirt/shorts, Monse

Speaking of Monse, If you didn’t already love the brand, let me give you two reasons to start now.

So, besides from their obvious awesome design aesthetics and inspiring way of *still* making the deconstructed look interesting, they made a collaboration with Disney (YEY!) and they teamed up with 6 different dog shelters by including homeless dogs in their pre fall 19 campaign, to help promote adoption and fostering of dogs. If that is not a double YEY I don’t know what is.

Picture, Monse
Published 25/05/2019

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.

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