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Published 12/11/2022
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Hello, is it the 90s calling? No is it the early 2010s? I don’t even know anymore. But what I do know is that the return of Moto Chic is a fact. Or let me rephrase it because she is not only a moto girl, she’s a biker girl too. The difference? It’s all about the placement of the zipper. The biker girl has her zipper on the side with spiky collars and the moto girl wears her zipper centered. Of course, there are many other differences, but the zipper is the major. Heavy hardware details on the biker and patchwork padding on the moto another.

Thanks to social media, the moto/biker trend started trending this late winter and early spring already, leading to a peak this autumn season. Once the temperature started to drop, the moto jacket began to pop up on celebs as well as the TikTok girl next door. And it won’t be leaving any time soon, beacuse what’s better to enter winter in, than a moto jacket gone shearling? Add a furry collar to your leather pie and you’ve got yourself a companion until springtime.

But all of this leads up to one simple question, what moto girl are you?

Image Courtesy of Dior

The Dior Autumn Winter 2022 Moto Woman

Are you team moto? Indulge in this moto jacket/wool skirt/lace top ensemble that Dior was serving us this early spring in Paris for autumn and winter. This isn’t your ordinary moto gal look, but a more grown-up moto gal. A sophisticated take on the rebel. Very french of course.

But don’t worry, all you Y2K ladies will have your plates in a second.

The Miu Miu Autumn Winter 2022 Moto Girl

For autumn 2022 Miu Miu sent down a few unique leather pieces down the runway made from recycled leather. Miu Miu reportedly sourced 50 leather jackets from vintage markets and reworked them in the atelier by hand. These limited edition pieces sold out under a New York minute (or Milan minute?) but let this be an inspiration for the crafty moto girl.

Of course, the Miu Miu moto girl does not stop with a moto jacket but takes the trend south and completes the look with heavy moto boots. The sheer top and skirt together with satin knickers pull the look together in a way that could not be more Miuccia Prada.

Image Courtesy of Miu Miu
Image Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2022 Moto Tomgirl

The Louis Vuitton moto chic tomgirl wears her moto jacket á la aviator. The detachable shearling collar and rib muds bring your thoughts to the classic leather Top Gun jacket.

For the show, Nicolas Ghesquière gave us a selection of classic utility-influenced looks topped with moto jackets. The Seargent shirts with double breast pockets and ties were recurrent elements, as well as the corduroy trousers, elevating the looks from the motorcycle rider to the librarian. A classic rendez-vous.

The Diesel Autumn Winter Moto Cool Girl

The revival of Diesel came right in together with the Y2K train, ready for us to fancy the big D logo again like it was 2002. Just add a 2 to those numbers and there you go.

The Diesel moto girl is a cool girl. She likes her moto look tight, short and very dangerous. I would say only the most daring woman would take this look to the motorbike but then again, isn’t that what this look is all about? Life on the edge of the motorway and skirt construction.

Image Courtesy of Diesel

The Prada Spring Summer 2022 Biker Girl

Prada is a leather house. Starting out with leather luggage many years ago, leather is still a big part of the collection every season. Handbags obviously, but also leather jackets are a part of Prada’s DNA.

If you go on any re-selling sites you’ll see a wide range of Prada moto jackets and leather coats from the past 30 years or so. But since Raf Simons came into the Prada pictures not only has he contributed to the triangle logo-mania but to a lot of more unisex fitted leather pieces.

This look from the spring and summer 2022 show was leading when it came to silhouette and even if it felt very classic Prada with the shrugged leather and double satin skirt, it is so very current.
This is the modern take on the biker girl.

The Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 2022 Biker Chic

So, the Saint Laurent chic is not really moto, she is more of a biker. She’s mysterious, awfully elegant, and obviously very sexy. When she rides her bike she does not fool around, she means business.

The Saint Laurent biker chic is known for her bold shoulder silhouette with narrow hips. She wears her biker jacket with the belt well-tied around the waist or hips and loves a good flowy maxi skirt in silk or skinny cigarette trousers.

It tolerates to point out again: this chic is all about the extra shoulder pads.

Image Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Image Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

The Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2022 Deconstructed Biker Woman

Don’t you just love a classic piece deconstructed? Well, at Alexander McQueen it’s an understatement to say that you do things in a traditional and unprovoking way.

For autumn and winter 2022 the McQueen house showed the black leather biker torn apart and then put back together again in all sorts of ways. We’ve seen this happen before to as well as denim as button-down shirts and all we can say is: wardrobe staples and classics are good and all, but don’t you just love to see new takes on things you’ve seen a million times already?

Published 12/11/2022

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