Big Collars Continues to Have a Moment

Published 03/02/2020
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Don’t count out big collars just yet! The micro trend turned not so micro continue to have a moment fall 2020.

I bet that you have been seeing some oversized collars in your feed lately?

This micro trend for SS20 was too influencer friendly to stay a micro trend. The Christian collar is here to say but it comes in more variations for fall 2020.

Blanca Miró wearing big school girl collars from own brand La Vests (sold out in 5 min btw).

Sophia Roe with the big collars.

And although this small detail seem like something that would be interesting in 5 minutes, Copenhagen fashion week this season would prove that it won’t. And by now we have learned that we should trust the Danes when it comes to design and style.

Ganni AW20
Ganni AW20
Ganni AW20

Ganni AW20 show included 8 looks with their significant oversized collars (that is out of 32 looks) but the big collars showed up at many other shows as well, one of them being Cecilie Bahnsen.

And the styling possibilities? Endless. So maybe that is the secret behind the success. A small feature that makes all the difference. The big talk of the Copenhagen town last week was sustainability and what is sustainable but making old things work in a new way by adding details like well, yes a collar.

Cecilie Bahnsen AW20





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Published 03/02/2020

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