Are Head Pieces Having a Moment rn? I’d Say So

Published 17/03/2020
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When first starting to write this story I called it Are Hats Having a Moment, but then I realized that the moment I was gonna talk about wasn’t only for classic hats, but for head pieces in general.

Are we all suddenly craving horse polo attire? Because I want to sip tea and have my outfit matched with something on my head around the clock.

Actually this has been cooking for quite some time. For me it started with the classic fisherman’s hat, or as the kids say, bucket hat, in street wear a couple of years ago. I laughed at it first like one does when something comes out of what seems to be nowhere (or in this case fishermen) and ends up on everyone’s head. It’s not very flattering I remember thinking. But then I tried it and I realized not only was it not flattering in a super flattering way, but I could also stretch my hair wash-cycle to one more day. Bingo.

And let’s just say the bucket hat woke up a monster. Now I can’t stop buying weird ass hats.

And instead of leaving a piece of jewelry when I walk out the door like every style guide ever written tells you to, I add a head piece.

Here comes my list of good hats to get this spring. They will all serve you well in terms of looking cool and not having to wash your hair too often.

The bigger, cooler sister of the bucket hat. The enormous bucket with neck-tie.

Look at this one as both a necklace and a headpiece. Let the strings or the ties or whatever you want to name them, dance around your neck or tie it in a big ribbon. Or just do like I did here and make a choker out of it.

Both hats, Asos.

The silk scarf pirate tie.

This is an unexpected one and might only be for all you early adapters out there (and also pirates duh). During the Dior show in Paris a few weeks ago, every single model walked down the catwalk wearing a pirate tie silk scarf around their head.

So, I and many others predict this one to be the next big scarf thing for fall. Forget the Granny Tie, it’s the Pirate Tie now.

Silk scarf, vintage Yves Saint Laurent.

Howdy there cowboy

After cowboy boots come cowboy hat. That is the circle of life and of trends which are kind of the same thing. Only in life it’s easier to erase your misstakes. Internet never forget pictures you guys.

This one had a long time coming but I think we are ready to get back on this horse.

Just imagine how amazing it will be for summer with a bikini and a loose shirt over some Bermuda shorts.

Or actually no need to wait for summer. Get your big sleeve dress and yihaa now.

Cowboy hat, Asos.

Cap, Hobnob.

Dad Cap

This has to be the most versatile number in this story. It has also come a long way from soccer dads to fashion week but are easy to style and easy to love. Something you might think would go hand in hand but I have experiences the opposite too many times. The things I love the most are usually the things I only look at in my closet but never take out on town.

Okay that has nothing to do with the dad cap. I want you to look at the dad cap like you look at sneakers. Use it as a tool to make a dorky, girly or fancy outfit a bit more leisure. I guess you can also look at it like yoga pants.

Also, I know what you are thinking right now, like what is that cap saying Hobnob? Yes it is. It will be able for you to purchase in a short while but of course I will get back to that when the time comes.

Published 17/03/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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