Best boots of the season you ask?

Published 31/10/2019
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I did a Questions and Answers the other day on my instagram and one of the most frequently asked Q:s were what should my feet wear this fall and winter? I A:ed but wanted to bring more to the table than just a swipe up to a choice.

So I asked a very good shoe friend of mine, also known as the other half of Hobnob to bring her four best boots looks and she did so let’s walk through it shall we!

80’s BOOTS

Katy Perry I have a question for you

can you hear these boots roar??

High shaft 80s boots with kitten heels are one of my favorite shoe trends this fall! Such a statement piece, yet so versatile.

Wear them Isabel Marant esque with suit trousers tucked or do as Linn and pair them with a skirt.

Boots, Zara






Magda Butrym

Snow mobile boots

Boots, Céline

I know I should be talking about boots but I also want to speak to you about vests. Are they sent to us from someone above to make winter dressing a little less dull? I guess so.

But you know what? So were these snow mobile boots! Maybe not a man magnet but you will be able to go from A to B really comfortable and safe and sometimes that’s all you need.

With that said, you don’t have to go full blown snow mobile racer. You can still wear Italian fitted wool skirts. You probably should. Unless you are an actual snow mobile racer.

Stretch ankle boots

They started out as riding shoes but ended up most hyped boots of 2019.

But I can’t blame a single soul, because these soles are the most versatile pair of shoes I have ever owned and I will wear them until they can no longer carry me.

Boots, Zara

Dr Martens


Bottega Veneta

ATP Atelier


Snake everything

The leopard of 2019: Snake.

Who would win the real life battle?? Doesn’t really matter since the only leopard and snake one should be wearing is faux.

Faux animal prints are all over this season. And really what is better to make a grey winter look more fun than some snake?

I feel like I am trying to sell you guys these boots when I don’t have to bc a. I don’t work with these boots and b. they really make a quite fine job selling themselves am I right?

Boots, Mango

Paris Texas


Jimmy Choo

Paris Texas

Amina Muaddi

Published 31/10/2019

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