At home with Lowe Olsen

Top, a sample that didn’t go into production. Skirt, second hand.

“We recently moved from a small studio apartment to having not one but two bedrooms. So I’m still in the phase where I’m trying to find out what goes where, at the same time that I’m trying to figure out what the hell I like.”

(One thing that I did figure out that I like was to not throw away the good looking expensive paper you get if you buy something that costs a couple of extra coins. In this case from Proenza Schouler. Just frame it and you have a brand new poster to hang on your wall)

Dress and glasses from Beyond Retro.

From left: First two bags are from a market in Istanbul, Shell bag found at Beyond Retro, Leopard printed bag from Topshop, last bag is second hand.

“The more I feel like Elton John in the 70’s when leaving my home, the better”

All glasses are second hand.

Heels, Zara. Pants, Asos. T-shirt, Second hand.

Jacket, Wasteland San Francisco

Heels, Zara Top, Second hand. Pants, H&M.

“I still don’t have much on the walls, which is quite good for someone who likes to move stuff around every 15 minutes”

Mirror cube, Ellos home. Couch, IKEA (in a new outfit from Bemz. Pouf, Åhléns. Rug, Rugvista.

Blazer – Made by a friend (try it, it’s fun!) Pants, Zara.

“Our extra bedroom is a combined sewing studio/closet. I couldn’t figure out which I needed more, so it ended up being both”

Dress, Made by a friend.

How is your apartment a reflection of your personality?
My apartment is just as schizo as me. Trust me.

What would you save in a fire?
I have a framed close up of my dad in his twenties, that is originally a passport photo or something. I would risk everything for that photo.

What would you for sure leave behind in a fire?
My boyfriend have this poster that says “What would MacGyver do?” You would never catch my trying to save that one in a fire.

Where do you buy most of your stuff?
Almost everything I own interior wise is bought second hand. My latest obsession is colorful glass vases. I come home with 5 new ones every time I visit Myrorna, hehe.

Which room is your favorite room?
I love every room that has natural light. The sun rises in the bedroom and sets in our living room. I just follow the sun during the day basically.

What is your dream home?
Sometimes I dream about a huge apartment in Södermalm in Stockholm. The next day I can find myself looking at villas in the south of Sweden. I actually don’t even know in what country I want to live. Does anyone, really??

What is the first thing you offer someone who comes over?
I wish I could say that I have a cool signature drink that I offer all of our guests, but I mostly drink red wine so that’s what I have at home.

Plastic box


Net bag

Brook farm general store

Tiger pillows

Ivy and Vine

Coral Vase


Track pants

Marine Serre

Published 21/05/2019

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.

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