At Home Campaigns: The Fashion Industry’s Latest Figment

Published 04/05/2020
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New times calls for new actions. Life might seem like it’s cancelled but it’s actually not. Neither are fashion and the creativity that comes with it. And the fashion industry is trying hard to find its new normal.

Because something that is cancelled are crowds. And anyone who has ever been on an editorial or campaign set knows that there are somebody for everything. And that sums up to plenty of people and plenty are way too many right now. This has put both brands and magazines in a bit of a difficult situation. The solution? At-home shoots. Online shoots. Yes, those things regular individuals do all the time. And how about the result? Personally I love it. I feel closer both to the brands and magazines but also to the models.

When all of this is over (most used sentence of 2020?) I don’t want this to be cancelled.

Bella Hadid for Jacquemus

Bella Hadid by Pierre-Ange Carlotti for Jacquemus. How good does Bella look in these photos? Shot via FaceTime. I am gonna try giving my next FaceTime session a bit of Bella attitude.

and Barbie Ferreira for Jacquemus

Pierre-Ange Carlotti did three series, one with Bella Hadid, one with Barbie Ferreira and lastly one with Steve Lacy.

I can only say one thing, angel.

Mica Argañaraz and Giedre Dukauskaite for Zara

One can say a lot of things about Zara, but I love their creative department. Some of my favorite commercial fashion campaigns ever are by Zara and I will add this one to the list. They have asked several cool women to do shoots at home and the result is just stunning. I want quarantine time at home with both Mica and Giedre.

Adesuwa Aighewi and Anok Yai (among others) for i-D

i-D magazine is famous for its peculiar covers and the April one was no different. Featuring some of the industry’s top names of 2019 and shot by Willy Vanderperre via a video call of course. Two of them being Adesuwa Aighewi and Anok Yai.

Also, this Home Alone feature?? Here for it.

Gigi Hadid for Vogue Italia

At home with Gigi Hadid. And as she says, when Vogue Italia sends you a full Chanel look and ask you to model it in your own house, you just do it. For Vogue Italia April 2020 issue.

Marcus Söder for Bon Magazine

Swedish stylist Marcus Söder and his creative agency CFA Projects asked a handful of creatives (Agnes Anjou and Olivia Bergman pictured above to name a few) to take photos of themselves in their home quarantine in looks he had styled for them for Bon Magazine. The result, as well as the styling, is inspiring.

See full story on Bon.

Published 04/05/2020

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